29 June to July 1st 2007

Organized by Clara Silber and Carol Mendelsohn

Alfred Wolfsohn and Charlotte Salomon – the unfolding story

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2007 Summer University
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July 19 Novembre, 2011

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Honorary President : James Hillman

Artistic Director: Enrique Pardo
Advisors : Nor Hall, Nick Hobbs, Stephen Karcher, Jay Livernois, Liza Mayer, Noah PIkes, Sonu Shamdasani, Linda Wise, Kaya Anderson
A Pantheatre production
in collaboration with
Roy Hart International Artistic Centre, Malérargues

Discussion Theme
Performance, Teaching
and Sexuality

A vast panorama, rarely confronted. Three keypoint lectures will set the tone :

  • Enrique Pardo  : Anima and the Gendered Philosophical Voice
  • Jay Livernois : Anima and a Philosophy of Sex
  • Kaya Anderson : “The feeling of voice in Alfred Wolfsohn's teaching”

2007 FORUM


include :

Notes and analysis of Roy Hart's poem-manifesto Biodrame / discussions with Sonu Shamdasani / 30 pages of reflections, discussions, quotations on the myths at work in the vocal Wolfsohn / Roy Hart inheritance.

See also : PHOTOS FESTIVAL 2006

Editorial - Lexicon

Full editorials will be posted soon, as well as a LEXICON with definitions, references and bibliographies. For instance: who are the Pythia and the Sibyl? Who, the "Church Fathers"? What is the Socratic teaching model? Where can one find the mythological references to Eros and Psyche? How is "transference" used and defined? Etc.

Workshops descriptions, different formulae (i.e. without workshop), prices and registration, consult (and/or print)


Two weeks of workshops, experimental sessions, lectures, master classes, debates, performances at  Château de Malérargues, Roy Hart International Artistic Centre , Southern France.


Voice Performance
Choreographic Theatre

Performance Workshops
Enrique Pardo
Linda Wise

Open Voice Workshop
Liza Mayer with Vicente Fuentes

Experimental Sessions

Haim Isaacs
Izidor Leitinger
Nick Hobbs

Invited Artists and Lecturers Kaya Anderson
  Judith Koltai
  Sharon Feder
  Maryline Guitton
  Faroque Kahn
  Jay Livernois
  Caterina Perazzi
  Amy Rome
  Christine Schaller
  Benedicte Blix
  Jacklyn Bassanelli
  Naima Phillips

Sirens and Sibyls

Every Summer University gives itself a working theme and a discussion theme. This summer it will be "Sirens and Sibyls", with a corollary theme: "Performance, Teaching and Sexuality".

Sirens and Sibyls


Figures of the voice are almost always feminine, and usually have the body of a siren or the face of a sibyl.

Sirens, we know mainly as aquatic ladies with fish tails. We rarely see them as described in the Odyssey : bulky clawed birds, almost as ugly as the harpies, but with one “fatal attraction”: irresistable voices.

Sybils on the other hand with their “sibylline voices” fascinate contemporary music because of their multiphonics and polysemics (more on this in the Editorial…)

Both sirens and sybils have been silenced, mainly by Christianity. Sirens still sing but ‘converted' into “pure voices”, often under the premise that “singing is truth” (and all speech a lie.) As for the sybils, the first thing the Fathers of the Church ordered was to silence and destroy their oracles.

We will work and discuss these themes and their cultural history in resolutely experimental contexts.