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19 Novembre, 2011

2008 Summer University
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July 1 - 13  2008

latest update : 19-11-2011

Honorary President : James Hillman

Artistic Director: Enrique Pardo
Advisors : Nor Hall, Nick Hobbs, Stephen Karcher, Jay Livernois, Liza Mayer, Noah Pikes, Sonu Shamdasani, Linda Wise
a Pantheatre production
in collaboration with
Roy Hart International Artistic Centre, Malérargues

Sirens  Sibyls  Sexuality
2007 theme

Figures of the voice are almost always feminine, and usually have the body of a siren or the face of a sibyl.

Sirens, we know mainly as aquatic ladies with fish tails. We rarely see them as described in the Odyssey : bulky clawed birds, almost as ugly as the harpies, but with one “fatal attraction”: irresistible voices.

Sybils and their “sibylline voices” fascinate contemporary music because of their multiphonics and polysemics (more on this in the Editorial…)

Both sirens and sybils have been silenced, mainly by Christianity. Sirens still sing but ‘converted' into “pure voices”, often under the premise that “singing is truth” (and all speech a lie.) As for the sybils, the first thing the Fathers of the Church ordered was to silence and destroy their oracles.

From the 2007 Festival

Myths of the Voice - how the voice is conceived of, listened to and used - especially in the arts and therapeutic practices. From pagan oracles to spiritist raps, from Protestant singing to contemporary myths of soul.

From the 2006 Festival.


2007 FORUM


include :

Notes and analysis of Roy Hart's poem-manifesto Biodrame / discussions with Sonu Shamdasani / 30 pages of reflections, discussions, quotations on the myths at work in the vocal Wolfsohn / Roy Hart inheritance.

See also : PHOTOS FESTIVAL 2006


July 1 - 13  2008

Two weeks of workshops, performances, laboratories, lectures, master classes, debates, plus good food and parties at Château de Malérargues, Roy Hart International Artistic Centre, in Southern France.

Pantheatre's Myth and Theatre Festival and Château de Malérargues offer an ideal setting for combining artistic practices with cultural studies.


  • Mornings start with warm-ups, physical and vocal, and are followed by workshop sessions.
  • Lunch is under the mulberry trees in the medieval courtyards.
  • Afternoons are dedicated to experimental laboratories and master classes, followed by lectures and debates.
  • Performances, dinners and parties take over the summer evenings .

The theme and emblematic figure of the 2008 Festival will be :

and her voice today

Who is Sheherazade and what is her voice saying - today - especially in performance and in cultural studies?

Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights emerged as a theme during the 2007 Festival dedicated to "Sirens, Sibyls and Sexuality" and more generally to feminine figurations of the voice.

Scheherazade / and her voice today is part of a series of festivals enquiring into “Myths of Voice” – an overall theme that links Pantheatre's cultural studies with the voice legacy of Roy Hart and the Roy Hart Theatre.


First events announcements :

Jay Livernois, who introduced the Arabian Nights into the 2007 Festival, will lecture on Sir Richard Francis Burton and on the the Arabian Nights.

Enrique Pardo will present “A homage to Annie Sprinkle” as part of his take on Sheherazade. Including a film. Also a lecture on the work of Romeo Castellucci.

Sally Stockwell and Nigel Collins from New Zealand will be performing “Gravity Hotel” – created in residence at Malérargues.

Amy Rome and Kate Al-Shamma will each present their doctorate thesis – on Pantheatre and the Roy Hart voice work.

Linda Wise and Nick Hobbs will present contemporary music voice compositions (Stockhousen, Berio, Scelsi, Ligetti...)

Nick Hobbs – who lives in Istanbul – will present Sheherazade today, in the Middle East .

Zeynep Usal, Turkish Human RIghtslawyer, has been invited to talk on "Scheherazade Today" in the Muslim world.

Liza Mayer will be the guest  star of the "2008 Festival Interview". Interviewers : Enrique Pardo and Nick Hobbs.

Izidor Leitinger :  a series of lectures with recordings (and live examples) on jazz improvisation : Be Bop, Hard Bop, Modal Jazz and Free (ish) jazz.


include registration in one workshop and all other activities, plus lunches

1 – 13 July full participation ................................ 940€
includes 11 lunches

1 – 5 July first week only .................................. 540€
includes 5 lunches


If under 26
1 – 13 July full participation ................................ 540€
includes 11 lunches

1 – 5 July first week only .................................. 400€
includes 5 lunches

If registered before May 15

1 – 13 July full participation ................................ 840€
includes 11 lunches

1 – 5 July first week only .................................. 490€
includes 5 lunches