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Collection CDrom Series

A series of CDroms of lectures, performances, interviews, work demonstrations available online for purchase from Pantheatre's Myth and Theatre Library. Most are complemented by an article or references, available online on this site.

Copies are made to order and cost 20 euros (Europe) 30 US$ outside Europe (Air mail included). See "How to Order".

Collection CDrom de conférences, spectacles, démonstrations de travail, entretiens - la pluspart accompagnées d'articles, et de références bibliographiques que l'on peut consulter sur ce site.

Les copies sont produites sur requête et coûtent 20 euros (Europe) et 30 US$ (hors Europe) (tarif postal aérien inclus). Voir "Comment passer commande".


How to order : TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON (we are setting a PayPal system)
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CDrom 1

"James Hillman, Enrique Pardo, Pantheatre and Metaphysics"

Talks by Enrique Pardo and Jay Livernois (May 2006) following an exchange with Amy Rome, based on an article by Matthew Del Nevo "Imaginal Psychology's Disability" (Spring Journal 53, 1992.)

Some topics:

  • The importance of Henri Corbin in Hillman's metaphysics - and the philosopher Evangelos Christou (see TEORIA / information for the publishing 2007 of a second edition of his book.)
  • Hillman's influence on Pantheatre.
  • "Religion is the enemy"
  • Definitions of imagination - and its status in Enrique Pardo's work.

Presentation of contents and reference article by Matthew Del Nevo are available on:

Metaphysics Forum

CDrom 2

"Charlotte Salomon and Alfred Wolrsohn - Teacher, Mentor, Lover ."

A discussion mainly on pedagogy, during Pantheatre's 2006 Paris Professional Workshop, on the occasion of the Charlotte Salomon exhibition in Paris. The discussion involved Stephen and Helen Levine (teachers at Toronto University), as well as Liza Mayer (who actually met Wolfsohn) and the Pantheatre circle.

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