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is creating a Myth & Theatre Library at Château de Malérargues, located in the old Meyrueis family chapel, the family who owned the château up to the end of WW2.

The Library will be accessible for consultation to artists and students working with Pantheatre or at the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre. It will assemble books and articles and digital material, and will be be part of the PANTHEATRE non-profit French association in order to accept donations (books, articles, equipment or financial.)

The main building works started in December 2006 (terracing and redoing the roads.) The roof has been repaired and interior decoration was ready for the 'first' inauguration in July 2007 during the Myth and Theatre Festival (Summer University 2007.) The Library will be available for consultation for the May June 2008 PANTHEATRE Residential Programme (The May workshop symposium, lecture series, performances) and for the 2008 Festival.

The Library's main topics are :

Cultural studies : especially mythology and archetypal psychology.
Voice : performance, philosophy and physiology.
Pantheatre performances and Myth and Theatre Festival archives.