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Festival Schedule
A Typical Day

The Festival opened on Tuesday July 27, 1999

it closed on Sunday August 1 at 1PM


Nor Hall

Gossips & the God with the Keyhole Aura

Charles Boer

Honey, I Swear I Don't Have Hermes: Is There Hermes After 60?

Jay Livernois

Hermes: Guide of Souls

Ginette Paris

Psychological Art

Sonu Shamdasani

Raising Hermes From the Dead : Psychology and Hermeticism

Connie Rodriguez

Hermes: Mischief Maker or Much Maligned

Below is the Festival schedule, with Lectures and Performance times.

Tribunals, Laboratory/Forums and other afternoon events may be changed on a daily basis, with definitions being posted as from 9:30 AM each morning.

The Festival has always encouraged frameworks of dialogue between participants, teachers, and lecturers.  It is from this network of exchanges that the detailed planning of the following day is established during the Festival.   Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the grapevine.

The schedule grid is followed by the hypothetical description of "A Typical Day".

Saturday at 8 PM there will be a performance evening by Pantheatre and Friends, titled
Stealing the Show

Festival Schedule

2 PM 3.45 PM 5 PM 7 PM 10.30
Tue 27   5PM Registration / Informal Introductions

7PM : Welcome and Presentation of the
Festival and Workshops by
Jay Livernois, including
Enrique Pardo on Mercurial Moves

followed by Reception

Wed 28  warm-up

for all workshop participants


LM and KL

(participants in the EP/LW workshop can chose either)

2 to 3.30
"Working with Hermes:
teachers and cheaters"
Enrique Pardo
open Tribunal 7 PM Lecture:
Charles Boer

followed by a presention of Noah Pikes reading
Hermes and Orpheus in Ovid

Thu 29 At La Petite : LM and KL


open Tribunal Lecture:
Jay Livernois
Sonu Shamdasani

followed by
Bedtime Story, or...

if popular request
Fri 30 At La Petite : LM and KL


2 to 3.30 EP
"Working with Hermes:
stealing the show"
Enrique Pardo
HUGA Lecture:
Connie Rodriguez
Ginette Paris

followed by
Bedtime Story

Sat 31 9.30 to 11

At La Petite
KL and LM

(participants in the EP/LW workshop can chose either)

11 to 12.30


open Tribunal Lecture:
Nor Hall
Performance Evening

"Stealing the Show"
an evening with
Pantheate and Friends

followed by The Party

Sun 1 9.30 to 10.30


for all workshop participants

10.30 workshops come together
with lecturers, tribunals,
and other participants
finishing at 1PM
  9.30AM 10.30 2PM 3.45 PM 5 PM 7 PM 10.30 PM

All classes and lectures take place at Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré (pronounced La Petite !) except 2 morning workshop sessions (Thursday and Friday) with LW/EP at NOAC (New Orleans Athletic Club)

Workshop Teachers
KL - Kristin Linklater
LM - Liza Mayer
EP - Enrique Pardo
LW - Linda Wise
Karin R. is an actress and singer who has worked with Pantheatre and will be presenting a piece during Saturday's Performance Evening.

these are time slots kept open for other presentations and discussion forums, including:

Jay Livernois presenting a new paper by James Hillman on Hermes
Ginette Paris: a film presentation, on the SINISTER FATHER, with the movie "Character."
Jay Livernois presenting "African Hermes"
and other surprise offerings...

A Typical Day's Program

9.30 AM: Workshops begin. Teachers relate in their own way to the Hermes theme, and may echo or comment the topics of the previous day in their work.  Conversely, discoveries and reflections arising from the workshops may filter into the afternoon's discussions.  If you are free in the morning, you may want to observe part of a session, and contribute to the feed-back discussion.   Workshops end at 12.30 PM.

Lunch will see dozens of small gatherings throughout the French Quarter's restaurants and cafeterias.

2 PM: Laboratory/Forum directed Enrique Pardo will open a theme, and build a series of improvisations based on his work on "Mercurial Moves" linked to the mythology of Hermes. These sessions include discussions and prepare the material for Tribunal debates. Similarly, Kristin Linklater's sessions present her theatre work and its links to the Festival themes.

3.45 PM: Tribunal session. The themes, or 'charges,' are usually chosen from the previous day's polemics and are formulated and announced with the day's schedule; these daily announcements includes the actual theme and (usually) the 'defendant's' name, his or her 'lawyers', and the 'prosecution' team.

5.30 PM: Lecture at le Petit Théâtre. Questions and answers are kept short so that the hottest subjects can be defined.  If agreed upon, they are then formally framed, either in a discussion forum, or taken to the next day's Tribunal - or perhaps even to an exceptional HUGA session...

7 PM: Lecture at le Petit Théâtre, followed by a "bed-time story", with surprising takes on Hermes.

The Tribunal

During the preparations for the 1997 Festival on The Enemy, Maggie Barron, a long-time friend and contributor to the Festival, proposed that discussions be framed in a formal tribunal, with judge, prosecution and lawyers.  Maggie Barron was named supreme judge ("Your Honour"). The tribunals were held in a small, packed underground theatre, and became the hottest and often rowdiest rendez-vous of the Festival!  Flanked by two bodyguards, the judge made sure that priority was given to the debate of ideas - no "theatre" allowed! Sometimes the audience was asked to vote as a jury, and most of the time the winner was... the debate!

House Un-Greek Activities Commitee

A proposal of Charles Boer who will chair its hearings. Rumour has it that Enrique Pardo, the Festival director, and Jay Livernois will be the first summoned to appear and answer for irreverent and "un-Greek" statements in the Editorial proposals!

Visit the Hermes Editorial (expanded version) and The Telephone Party Line for insights into what may be the hot issues of the New Orleans debates.

The 7th Biennial Myth and Theatre Festival
HERMES : Quick, Cool and Crooked

"Stealing The Show"

A performance evening with Pantheatre and Friends
Saturday July 31st at 8 PM

First Part

"Sextet Affairs"

Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo
Karen Beaumont
Peter Fyfe
Nick Hobbs
and special guest
Kristin Linklater

present a series of mercurial scenes with texts by James Joyce, Peter Barnes, Cairyl Churchill, and other surprise authors.


Second Part

"Think On Her"
Karin R.

A performance inspired by short stories by Katherine Mansfield, "The Forty-Second Parallel" by John Dos Passos, and Jung's exploration of schizophrenia and the voice.

Karin R. graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 1988 and went on to co-found Primus Theatre. Primus created numerous original works, noted for their multi-disciplinary strengths, which toured throughout Canada, the U.S and Europe. Since leaving the company in 1996, Karin has gone on to work as an actress in both film and onstage; as a director, dramaturge and teacher; and as a singer with various Toronto-based bands. A recipient of the Fox Fellowship, Karin has studied voice at the Roy Hart Centre, with Pantheatre, and with various teachers in Canada and Europe.

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