New Orleans 2001
9th Myth and Theatre Festival
"On Jealousy"
July 25 to 29 , 2001

with theatre / dance / voice & mythology workshops
10-day workshops starting July 20

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"On Jealousy"
Patricia Berry
Cliff Bostock
Bruno Dizien
Randy Dixon
Nor Hall
Jay Livernois
The Queen of the Night
Stephen Karcher
Liza Mayer
Enrique Pardo
Ginette Paris
Connie Rodriguez
Joan Schirle
Linda Wise
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Pantheatre works with a unique and inspiring blend of physical and vocal theatre, mythological and archetypal studies. Current projects include On Scandal, and On Superstition, Shadow Boxing (a radical cabaret subverting the shadows of authors and authorities), Pandora’s Box, conceived and directed by Enrique Pardo in the UK, and a Symposium on Choreographic Theatre in Southern France (May 2001) marking Pantheatre’s 20th anniversary. Its directors, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise and Liza Mayer, direct and teach throughout the world.
Linda Wise died several hundred times as Nedda, between the tragic hands of an enraged and jealous Canio in the Roy Hart Theatre's OBIE winning version of Leoncavallo's opera "Pagliacci". Having met the green-eyed monster on and off stage, she feels a certain sympathy for Hera's rages, smashed saucepans and hell's fury. “Survival techniques” she calls them. She directs Pantheatre's Voice Training Programmes, and states clearly: “the priority is the individual, not the method… The voice and the capacity to ‘voice oneself’ have become an essential aspect of personal development and communication skills… while performing artists today need to acquire a much greater versatility in vocal skills”.

Co-director with Enrique Pardo of Pantheatre, France - see C.V.
See also Pantheatre's Paris Voice Training Programmes
Roy Hart Theatre Voice links

Bruno Dizien is one of France's most exciting and eccentric choreographers; he began to dance during his military service in the French army, of all places! He was immediately taken up by France's new wave choreographers - this in the 70's. Understandably confused after a while, he withdrew to the Fontainebleau forest, to a shed at the foot of its huge rocks, and soon became 'the climbing hermit', performing amazing rock-climbing vertical dances, brushing up, as he puts it, against his first lichens. Dancer Laura de Nercy joined him, and together they founded the Roc in Lichen Dance Company. Their first piece: a capsized bathroom (imagine having a horizontal shower or a vertical bath!) The star of his latest piece is a huge, perfectly groomed, Percheron horse - Bruno was a top horse show rider and trainer before his army conversion - in a piece based on Guy de Maupassant's short story: Fou? (Am I mad or just jealous?)
Enrique Pardo directed Jason and Medea: Postmortem, (Milan, 1998), where Medea, in the opening scene, leads Jason at dawn to confront the dragon (the audience). As the Dragon-Sun rises in flames, she undresses, and with this one move, she has the dragon drooling at her feet and Jason both submitting to her power and falling in love with her. The Milan School Academy decided such nudity and seduction was too much for the 14 year old girls who had been attending rehearsals, but they escaped school, turning up with their elders. The teachers blocked the opening show. A compromise was finally reached: Enrique would deliver a 'pedagogical' prologue. He spoke on jealousy, polarized Zeus and Hera, and threw in a scientific hypothesis: nature cunningly invented jealousy to bind male and female progenitors until their offspring can fend for themselves (a minimum of 7 years for humans - hence the "7 year itch"). It was one of the best audiences he has ever experienced and gave rise to the theme of this festival.

Festival director, and co-director with Linda Wise of Pantheatre, France - see also C.V.
see also Enrique Pardo's First Symposium on Choreographic Theatre (May 2001)

Liza Mayer left academia in the 60's to join the avant-garde of voice research as a dedicated pupil of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart. She later came to recognise as much prejudice in the voice-breaking crusades of the avant-garde, as they attributed to the conservatories of singing and theatre. Her teaching today is a unique blend of experience and informed risk: it brings together the world of dance and movement, studies with voice therapists and classical singing teachers. Her own voice has the capacity to transport the imagination to those deep and moving realms and qualities known as duende.

President of Pantheatre, France - see also C.V.

Nor Hall - imaginal therapist & writer fresh back from spreading Gossip (Ireland, July 2000) wants to tickle out the rancor between Nietzsche's jealous sister Elizabeth and Lou Andreas Salome. Lou refused the philosopher's offer of marriage because she was convinced Infidelity was a Necessity for Women. What did she mean? Nor is working in her fifth season with Archipelago Theatre in Chapel Hill. A New Fine Shame: the Life and Loves of Lou Andreas Salome opens May 2000.

See also biographies and presentations at the Hermes and On Gossip Festivals

Joan Schirle - Co-Artistic Director and founding member of Dell’Arte International, the American center for the exploration and creation of physical theater. Joan is a director, performer, playwright, and master teacher whose work in movement theatre, mask performance and contemporary commedia has helped make Dell’Arte’s professional company and School of Physical Theatre acclaimed internationally. She directs and teaches widely and leads study trips to Bali every two years (which are the envy of many). And being a senior teacher of the FM Alexander Technique keeps her from being completely unbalanced.

Cliff Bostock
is a longtime Atlanta journalist and critic, an "anti-therapist" (according to Atlanta Magazine) and doctoral candidate in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He specializes in work with writers and artists and refuses to call his work psychotherapy. His (late) dissertation on America's obsession with the macrophallus is, like his clinical work, an attempted rapprochement between archetypal and postmodern discourses. He sees in Enrique Pardo's work a similar blending of the Derridean sense of play with mythological themes and the Hillmanian reverence of images but languaged outside professonal psychology. Bostock's curiosity about the iatrogenic effects of psychotherapy (as a language) on the soul has also led him to explore the flamenco tradition of Andalucia. Flamenco requires a visceral relationship to soul as duende and deconstructs the gestural body. Duende is manifested in play at the boundaries of formality of language and gesture and inarticulate, spontaneous feeling. He has been spending a third of the year in Sevilla which, besides being a flamenco center, was the home of Ibn Arabi, the inspiration of Henry Corbin, and Carmen, whose capacity to inspire jealousy is legendary! Bostock opposes all cures. His website is

: Queen of the Gods and Patron of Matrons, cow-faced Hera is the saint of jealousy, archetypal spouse of the Logos Spermatikos himself and eternal enemy of Aphrodite and her polymorphous fluids of love. As last official wife of Zeus, she bore Ares, sacker of cities, the eternally enticing teenie Hebe and the Eleithyia, who open and close the doors of birth. In a fit of parthenogenic rage she also produced scorpionic Haephaistos, whose smouldering fires turn out weapons, traps, techne and private investigators to serve her desperate hunger for time, the honor she insists is her due. Hera guides pubescent "cow-girls" through the sextraps of adolescence direct to the wedded state and has no mercy on those who stray. She stands behind righteous matrons from Queen Victoria to the Moms of MADD, so adulterers and would be maenads beware! Her underworld connection can rouse a host of Furies, whose poisonous breath brings plague, hallucination, grief, terror and the blind lust to murder husbands and children. Though she has punished many a sexy nymph, her greatest victim is Herakles, whose terrible violence and lust are her gifts and whose end as a human torch is a monument to her glory. Rumor has it she may be menopausal. So caveat emptor! (Stephen Karcher - Who is being taken to a Tribunal for this bio! Check The Gossip Column)

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