New Orleans 2001
9th Myth and Theatre Festival

"On Jealousy"

July 25 to 29 , 2001

with theatre / dance / voice & mythology
10-day workshops starting
July 20



Festival Planning


Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré
Tulane University
Loyola University

Fri 20

1 to 2pm
10 day Workshops

At Tulane

2pm Introduction & Orientation

4 workshops
2 30- 5.30

Sat 21
4 workshops 10 to 12.30
2 to 5pm - 4 workshops
5.30 to 7 pm - First Thematic discussion
Sun 22
4 workshops 10 to 12.30
2 to 5pm - 4 workshops
8 pm
Beau Travail
Mon 23
4 workshops 10 to 12.30
2 to 5pm - 4 workshops
8 pm Satyricon
Tue 24
4 workshops 10 to 12.30
2 to 5pm - 4 workshops
5.30 to 7 pm - Second Thematic Discussion
Wed 25
free unless agreed rehearsing
5pm Festival Opening
At Le Petit
Connie Rodriguez
Reception and Prelude Presentaitons
Thu 26

4 workshops
10-12.30 at Tulane

Patricia Berry

Cliff Bostock


Fri 27

6:30 am
Bruno Dizien & Co


Master Class & Discussion
Enrique Pardo
2.30 pm

Nor Hall
5 pm

Evening at CAC

New Orleans & Friends Performances

4 workshops
10-12.30 at Tulane :
'switching workshops' including

Open Voice Workshop
10 - 12.30 at Loyola

Sat 28

4 workshops
10-12.30 at Tulane

Voice Open Workshop
10.30 - 12.30 at Loyola

Stephen Karcher
3 pm


Sun 29

4 workshops
10-11.30 at Tulane

TBC Open Workshop
10 - 11.30 at Loyola

12 - Final Meeting at Tulane

Festival closes at 1pm

Lecture Titles and Events
title and description
Connie Rodriguez

Jealousy. It's not just for gods and heroes

From Cain and Able, through Hera and Medea to 2 famous legal cases found in the orations of Lysias (403 - 380 BC) involving love triangles. (see The Gossip Column on Jealousy for more... gossip!)


Jason and Medea: Postmortem

This performance, created in 1998, in Milan, is where the idea of a festival On Jealousy was born. Projection of a condensed 60 minutes video of a live performance with a voice over simultaneous recorded translation (the translation is by Charles Boer!) With an introduction by Enrique Pardo. (Lets hope all the techs work out!)

Check some of the Medea Gossip.

Stephen Karcher

In the Realm of the Jealous Gods: The Ancestral Temple, the Earth Altar and the River of Ghosts.

Check a gossip preview...

Nor Hall

On the Necessity of Infidelity in Women: considering Lou Andreas-Salome's ideas about Passion, Shame, and the Absence of Jealousy.

A talk followed by the video projection of extracts from "A New Fine Shame: the Life and Loves of Lou Andreas Salome" (2001 Archipelago opera-production.)

Patricia Berry

"Images of Jealousy"

Including film clips from: Indecent Proposal (1993), The Apostle (1997), School of Flesh (1998), Tango (1998), High Fidelity (2000), The Piano (1993), L.A. Confidential (1997).

More on Jealousy films: The Gossip Column on Jealousy

Cliff Bostock

"Queering Hillman or Priapus Bites Back: A Critique of Archetypal Psychology's Phallusies by a Zealous, Jealous Catamite."

Presentation brief description.

See also Cliff Bostock's article "Psyche On Stage" on Pantheatre and Enrique Pardo

The College of Deviners

A proposal from Stephen Karcher: to convene The College of Deviners and consult the oracle (I Ching.) Stephen will be taking part in Enrique Pardo's workshop; he has been collaborating over years with him, especially on the relation between mantics and theatre improvisation.

Special times will be made to consult the oracle during the pre-festival period (July 20 to 25.) Probably a plenary session will also be arranged during the festival - or impromptu ones during the workshops.

Beau Travail

Recent French cult film - Director Claire Denis - Writer Jean-Pol Fargeau, Claire Denis - Stars Denis Lavant, Michl Subor, Gregoire Colin, Marta Tafess Kassa

With an introduction by Nick Hobbs. Check reviews.

Fellini's Satyricon
An all-time classic which could have been shown at almost every Myth and Theatre Festival (Dionysos, Aphrodite, Magic, Hermes, Gossip, etc...) With an introduction by Cliff Bostock.



Tribunals are discussion forums, ranging from very serious theatricalized rituals to TV release shows - we try to control which; and, of course, to rig the procedures so as to get interesting content (the content should be the winner!) In its 'pure' form we appoint a judge, someone is charged, (the charge is clear and usually published beforehand - like the one on Hera - see "The Hera Tribunal".) The defence team usually includes two or three 'lawyers.' We appoint a prosecution team (or it is based on who brought the charges.)
It can also be a way for participants to contribute, of being theatrical with their views, as witnesses, etc.
It can also take softer versions, a chaired open panel talk on, say: "OJ Simpson: an American Othello - Explained to the European Tourists." I tend to want to heat things up, polarize, encourage people to let fly and provoke.
Tribunals were originally proposed by Maggie Baron during the "Enemy' festival. She was regal ("your honour") and imposed strict procedures, wonderfully partisan while appearing to accept no bribes.
Enrique Pardo

see also The Gossip Column on Jealousy (past gossip on the tribunal)


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