The Paris 2003 June Academy

June 23 to July 4 2003


Pantheatre plans a yearly WORKSHOP cum SYMPOSIUM that will close the year's training programme in Paris. This is a context of research, performance and study. A theme is chosen each year for a week end symposium (conferences, debates, exhibitions, etc.). The likely dates for next year's Academy are June 18 to July 3rd 2004.

a project directed by Enrique Pardo

in collaboration with Anne Lacoste

Kate Al Shama and Faroque Kahn

with the members of the Pantheatre Performance Group

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Choreographic Theatre
The Academy of Boredom

Sat 28 June
Sun 29 June

16h - 19h

on the myth of

This mythical theme will be only a backdrop to the workshop; it will be presented and discussed during the two symposium meetings. We recommend you take a look at the PRESENTATION MATERIAL / the various versions and commentaries on the myth.



Monday June 23
Friday July 4
except Saturday and Sunday Symposium

open to all

directed by
Enrique Pardo

in collaboration with
Anne Lacoste
Faroque Kahn
Kate Al Shama

and the participation of the Paris Pantheatre Training

taking place at

Studio DTM, 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt 75011 Paris, Métro St. Ambroise

Price and

VOICE / TEXTS / MOVEMENT integration, based on ENSEMBLE improvisation structures.
Detailed information.

Voice work, with special inclusion of each participant's background and contribution, and including the Roy Hart voice training.
Detailed information.

The Academy of Boredom

Acting with objets: simple objets, but also puppets and masks, in collaboration with Anne Lacoste.
Description and principles of the 'Academy of Boredom'


Participants are asked to choose and bring a text of some 300 words or more, learnt by heart. The choice of text and genre is free (it does not have to be a theatre monologue, nor refer to mythology, not to the theme of Virgins), but very important: learn it by heart - you will have your hands full while on the floor, so it is essential to be free of memory struggles. Avoid texts which are too poetically condensed or linguistically complex - please, dear Anglo friends, try to refrain from Shakespeare, (unless you really cannot help it, in which case we will thoroughly enjoy it...), and consider contemporary texts.


We will use very simple objects to start with: large materials, sticks, cardboard. Participants who wish can bring their own working objects, and also consult Enrique Pardo on this.

Construction Atelier
Anne Lacoste

May / June
leading up to the workshop

During May and June, Anne Lacoste will direct a mask, puppets and "object" construction atelier. The idea is to create objects as it were "on the go". Anne Lacoste will propose simple construction procedures, using cheap materials and junk, as well as clay, plaster, plaster bandages, wood glue, aluminum paper....

Atelier fee: 55€ for 3 sessions of three hours, including basic working material, in groups of three persons wishing to share the same construction procedures (especially in a first phase: face masks or modeling.)

Atelier at 26 rue des Francs-Bourgeois in the Marais area (Métro : Saint-Paul). Two working rooms of 40 and 30 m2, equiped for : carpentry, clay sculpture, sowing… Lots of odd materials to use. For the masks, the simplest procedure would be papier mâché from a paster mould.

To join this atelier, please contact Anne Lacoste via

Workshop timetables

Monday June 23 to Friday July 4
10h-13h + 14h30-18h
Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 will be dedicated to the Symposium

Who for ? Open to all.
General information on workshop participants
Performance Group The "Performance Group" is part of the Pantheatre / Roy Hart Paris Training Programme - it works together twice a week and in workshops through the year.
Workshop Studio Studio DTM, 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt 75011 Paris, Métro St. Ambroise.


Saturday 28 Sunday 29

Diana and Acteon

based on a choice of texts

and requested contributions from

Dominique Dupuy

Charles Boer

Jay Livernois

Stephen Karcher

Nor Hall

Ginette Paris

Diana and ActeonActeon, while hunting, surprises Artemis/Diana, naked at her bath. She transforms him into a stag which his own dogs tear to pieces. Artemis/Diana is one of the great virgin Goddesses of the Greek/Roman mythology.
This is one of its most talked-about myths. Some see it as the confrontation with "the naked truth"; others see in it the murderous brutality of artemisian virginity; some feminists see it as a mythical commentary on the transgression of the male gaze on women. Et cétera.
VirginsVIRGINS is the theme the 2003 Myth and Theatre Festival had proposed; we are exploring some aspects of this project.
Detailed Presentation.
Virgins and DanceArtemis/Diana has always played a fundamental role in dance. For instance, referring to the myth of Diana and Acteon, Karine Saporta, a spectacular French choreographer, questioned the excessive sensibility of dancers who can't take the gaze of spectators - who refuse to 'show' their bodies in a specular, spectacular way.
Thoughts on Dance and Mythology.
Virgins and Politics

The editorial for the VIRGINS Festival took a militant position. We will discuss it during the Symposium.
Consult the editorial.

Symposium TimetablesSaturday 28 and Sunday 29 June; exact times to be announced
3 sessions of hours
RegistrationRegistration to the Symposium (15€, without workshop registration.)


Anne Lacoste Plastic artist and sculptor, she creates puppets for a broad range of companies since 2000. Wors in Paris and Naples. Anne Lacoste will be directing a construction workshop of mask, puppets and objects.
Kate Al Shama

American actress, dancer, singer, she is writing a PhD on the work of Pantheatre (University of California, Santa Barbara.) She will participate in the work and present the first two chapters of her thesis, under the title :
Gamblers and Thieves: Michel de Certeau’s tactics as technique in Pantheatre

Faroque Kahn Actor and martial arts intructor, he has trained and collaborated with Pantheatre for many years. He is the artistic director of Theatre Insaan in Glasgow, and has worked with David Glass Ensemble, Rose Theatre Company, Royal National Theatre / Théâtre De Complicité, among others.

+ Symposium
Prix : 450€
Reductions For the members of the Panthéâtre / Paris Training Programme
40% Reduction (275€)

Symposium only

Price : 15€ for the two sessions (Saturday 28 and Sunday 29)
AFDASPossibility of AFDAS individual approval.
+ Symposium
To register, please send a brief CV and a letter of motivation to Panthéâtre.

Registrations will be confirmed on reception of a 150 € deposit made out to "Pantheatre", refundable in case of cancellation before May 31 May 2003, less 50€ of administrative costs. Prices are net of all bank changes.

The remainder to be paid on the first day of the workshop.

Maximum number of participants in the workshop: 18

Symposium alone

Limited to 45 persons. Book earliest:

The names of Actaeon's dogs from the . . . . So
Now surrounding his fair body, as it were that of a beast,
The strong dogs rent it. Near Arcena first.
. . . . after her a mighty brood,
Lynceus and Balius goodly-footed, and Amarynthus.
And these he enumerated continuously by name.
And then Actaeon perished at the instigation of Zeus.
For the first that drank their master's black blood
Were Spartus and Omargus and Bores, the swift on the track.
These first ate of Actaeon and lapped his blood.
And after them others rushed on him eagerly . . . .
To be a remedy for grievous pains to men.

Apollodorus 3.4.4