The June 2003 Academy
L'Académie de Juin


Workshop June 23 to July 4 2003

Symposium Sat 28 June & Sun 29 June 16h - 19h

The Actaeon Gossip Page
La Page Commérage Actéon

Le Livre d'Actéon, compilé par Anne Lacoste
sources, Rennaissance, contemporain, liens internet...
Table Ronde : "Le Modèle du Chaman dans le Théâtre Contemporain" - provoquée par une polémique autour de "Actéon le Chaman" (le 28 mai à Malérargues, Centre Roy Hart)
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VIRGINS, The Gossip


"opinion varies: some say, Goddess Seems
Too Rough! others praise: Virginity Demands It!"
Ovid - Charles Boer translation

a project directed by Enrique Pardo

in collaboration with Anne Lacoste
Kate Al Shama and Faroque Kahn

with the members of the Pantheatre Performance Group
Anne Lacoste
Carla Bottiglieri
Carmen Hernandez
Caterina Perazzi
Lina Cespedes
Manuel Soto
Sharon Feder


the following articles can be downloaded and printed in PC and Mac compatible RTF format from
The Paris Actaeon Book (in English)

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Le Livre d'Actéon (en Français)

The Charles Boer

...for many who have read the latin, his telegraphic American is probably the nearest to Ovid's compact and to-the-point "speed of narrative"...

The Death of Actaeon
Robin Robertson

fresh from the printers (June 2003 London Review of Books)... another spectacular rendering inspired by Ovid - one that choses the Chiron "shaman-healer" ending...
Dead Actaeon Speaks
Jay Livernois
Dead Actaeon Speaks
to French women
(from Catherine M. to Diane de Poitiers)