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New Orleans 2001
9th Myth and Theatre Festival

"On Jealousy"

took place
July 20 to 29 , 2001

in collaboration with
Tulane University - Department of Theatre and Dance
Loyola University - Departments of Classical Studes, and Speech and Drama
Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré

theatre / dance / voice & mythology
10-day workshops

The Festival invited everyone to take a second look at jealousy through its mythologies, the fiery triangles in its dramaturgies and choreographies.

You could join mythologists in commenting Jason and Medea: Postmortem, a Pantheatre performance where the theme of jealousy first came up: a choreographic theatre piece where six actresses "let fly" their views for and against jealousy's emblematic mythical couple.

We also looked at the incredible imagination, and variety, of animal jealousy. Myths lurk in every corner in New Orleans - the imaginal capital of 'The South' - from the depths of the Louisiana bayous to the wickedest streets of the Vieux Carré. Is it that New Orleans' music and fiction are 'hot' because they are openly spiced with jealousy, flourishing in the shadows of love's impassioned discourse?