Caterina Perazzi

"Solo for Shadows"

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Caterina Perazzi is a director, dancer, actress and vocalist.

Her artistic path began with classical and contemporary dance, then in parallel to her arts studies, she began to engage with visual and performance arts, following which theatre, and then vocal and musical work. Her preferences quickly established themselves for rigorous experimental and “un-disciplinary” forms of research. Her encounters with other artists - Cinzia De Lorenzi, Julyen Hamilton, Simone Forti, Filippo Monico, Enrique Pardo, Danio Manfredini - confirmed that direction. In Italy she performed in the dance-theatre companies E.S.T.I.A., Estenombre, Oltremosso and Takla, at the same time as developing her own creative work with the direction of “ Angeli ” in 2000 and the dance video work “ Arabesk ” in 2001. Interested in spontaneous composition, she worked with visual artists and musicians, researching the free form, between concert and performance-art, dance and theatre.

In 2003 she created “ Solo for Shadows ” - since then presented in France, Italy, Bosnia Erzegovina and U.S.A. - with which she confirmed the radicalism of her research in a theatrical language which has nothing to do with conventions. Against an art of consumption, her work endeavours to reach the public without mediation, in the depths of the individual and collective unconscious.

Since 2003, in Paris, she works with the companies Bazarts Théâtre (with whom she plays in “Médée Kali”, directed by Pascal Arbeille), Pantheatre (co-author and performer in O: studio n1), and dances solo for the East-European music groups Haidouti Orkestar et Loulou Djine.

In 2006 directed the story “The Young Girl without Hands”, and performed as aerialist and actress in “Shimadai”, a performance by the British company Scarabeus Theatre. In 2007 she directed “ Shut Your Eyes ” and the cabaret “ Au-delà du son ” (Beyond The Sound) and she became a member of the Roy Hart Theatre.

As dancer, she works with the contemporary dance company LLE. With the Kimera dance theatre company, as choreographer and performer she is developing the “ Morpheus Opera ” project, with the contemporary composer Dario Buccino (Italy) and the video artist Katia Beltrame (U.K.); as singer and author she's working with composer C. Schaller on the musical production “ Temps perdu ”. She teaches theatre and movement, particularly with Pantheatre (in France and abroad), with Compagnie Astolfo sulla Luna (Paris) and with the Accademia dell'Arte (Arezzo).

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