Liza Mayer

Actress -Singer -Voice teacher -Founder member of Roy Hart Theatre - Founder member and President of Pantheatre.

Liza Mayer left academia to join the avant-garde of voice research in London in the sixties. A dedicated pupil of the first visionaries (Wolfsohn and Hart), she was an active member of the Roy Hart Theatre, and worked as an actress in their acclaimed performances during the 60's and 70's - Recognizing as much prejudice in the screaming, voice breaking avant-garde as had been attributed to the schools of classical singing, she worked with Phoniatres and Orthophonists in France, and studied classical singing with Patricia Palamara and Robert Sentieys. She has also studied movement and dance with Dominique Dupuy and other dancers and choreographers.

Beyond a uniquely experienced and balanced pedagogy, (including voice therapy, and dance), her capacity to transport her own voice into deep and moving realms evokes those qualities known as soul, or duende. (Extract from '97 "The Enemy" Myth and Theatre Festival brochure).

She has collaborated and tought with Reinhild Hoffman's Cie in Bochum, Germany, the Festical of Archetypal Psychology in Indiana USA, the International Workshop Festival in London, and she teaches regularly in Pantheatre's Annual 6 Week Choreographic Theatre Workshop in Paris; and at the Roy Hart Centre in the Cevennes. In the '80's she performed in Pantheatre's productions: "Poesis", "Demeter", "Ovid's Metamophoses"