PANTHEATRE is based in PARIS from September to March.
Two periods :

September to December : intensive period structured around the Professionnal Workshop (6 to 7 weeks in October / November.)

January to March : individual training and rehearsals leading to the "Voice and Music" Workshop (2 weeks in March.)

Pantheatre is then based at Château de Malérargues, the Roy Hart International Centre, in Southern France, where it organizes a two-week intensive workshop (May), residencies in June and the Myth and Theatre Festival, early July.

All PANTHEATRE ACTS activities give access to the Roy Hart Voice Work cerfifications, and can be financed by AFDAS (French professional training funds.)

The main PARIS activities are:

PANTHEATRE ACTTraining Programme

Paris WEEKENDS -  average of one per month.
Individual lessons on appointment and weekly group classes - check PARIS SEASON

Two-week intensive Voice and Music Performance workshop in March.

Lectures, discussion forums, critical studies (linked with recommended performances.) See AGENDA