Paris Hotels (near DTM studios)

Some hotels near the DTM Studios (all within 5 or 10 minutes walk - check prices.)

Quelques hotels près du Studio DTM (tous à 5 ou 10 minutes à pied) - vérifiez les prix

For longer term rentals, flats etc.

see Résidence Hotel du Monde, below

check ads in

see also:

Les Recollets (official residents artists - with projects, well in advance)

Cité Universitaire (overall or by country)

Résidence Hotel du Monde - 15 rue Pasteur
75011 Paris
Tél: +33(0)149295020 - Fax: +33(0)147007109

rooms with kitchenette
200m from Studio DTM
ask for Mathieu, the manager, a friend of Pantheatre

some participants to the Jan/Feb workshop stayed here. Very convenient.

twin-bed or single bed rooms + kitchenette/shower/WC = 40€ or 45€ per day, per room.  The price is the same for one or two persons.  They also have a wireless WIFI service.  There are telephones in each room.  The rooms are cleaned weekly, with clean sheets and towels. January/February are good times to apply as there are less people staying there, then.

Garden - Hotel **NN
1 rue du Général Blaise
Tel 33(0)147005793

51 to 61€
nice green square location, round the corner from studio

Hotel Paris Voltaire
79 rue Sedaine, Paris 11
Tel. 0148054466
Fax 0148078796
Metro Saint Ambroise, Saint Maur

double 50 €
single 38€

nice hotel and owners, and French kitch...

Hotel Mary
15 rue de Malte, Paris 11
(next to / à côté Place de la République)
Tel. 0147008170

double 50€
single 38€

Modern Hotel
121 rue du Chemin Vert, Paris 11
Tel 0147005405
double 50€
single 43€

New Hotel Candide
3 rue Pétion, Paris 11
Tel. 0143 790233

double 103 €
single 86€

Résidence Voltaire
132 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris 11
Tel 0143793983
Fax 0143793118

double 50€
single 50€

Youth Hostel / Auberge des Jeunes
10 rue Trousseau, Paris 11 (20 min walk)
Tel 0147006200

12 to 14€