Professional Workshop
possibility of participation AFDAS

Location: Studio DTM & Théâtre de la Danse

directed by
Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise

invited teachers and artists

Liza Mayer
Izidor Leitinger
Saso Vollmaier
and other PANTHEATRE ACTS collaborators and participants
The workshop will include composers, musicians, choreographers and theatre directors who collaborate and/or study with Pantheatre. They will be invited to take part, contribute ideas and direct sessions.

February 15 to March 1st

A performance-oriented workshop (classes, research laboratories and work presentations) emphasizing the performance aspects of the voice in its relation to music.

  • How to perform the voice?
  • How to perform the singing voice?
  • How to perform vocally in relation to music?

Some of the working themes :

  • airs : what do you look like when singing - what 'airs' do you give yourself? Airs, arias … The spirits of music - presence, movement, gestures, looks, etc.
  • how does your voice (what you want to voice ) relate to other voices and musics - both on and off stage? Including choir work, instrumental and recorded musics, mircrophones, etc.
  • what is the status of music in stage compositions : what are the principles of musical theatre and of choreographic theatre – what is the importance and influence of melody, text and story.
  • in 2006 PANTHEATRE explored the question “Who is the music?” This gives music a mythological status, it asks a “figuring out”, a personifying of the voice of music. One asks not only “what is it saying?” but “who is it?” The power of music is so strong that Enrique Pardo advices : presume that the music is the enemy – do not trust it ! You will double the alertness of your listening.

OPEN DOORS Atelier / Auditions

presenting the vocal and choreographic theatre work
meeting and auditioning candidates

Saturday 8 March  :  17:30 - 19:30 CANCELLED
Next sessions / September 2008

Booking essential 01 48 06 32 35 port 06 26 74 72 71 EMAIL // Registration 5 €

Studio DTM 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt Paris 11e M° St Ambroise




Price of the workshop 1200€

If you wish to register and are unable to attend an audition in Paris, please send a letter of motivation and a C.V. You will be notified very quickly whether a place is reserved for you. Confirmation of your place will be given on reception of a deposit of 500€ Euros made out to Pantheatre . Cancellations will be refunded only up until January 31, 2008, minus 90€ Euros administration costs. The remainder of the fee may be payed when you arrive in Paris.

Quoted prices do not include bank charges. French banks can charge up to 30 Euros for reception of Bankers Orders originating outside France (check International Payments advice). Please write your name (and the workshop title) on all documents.