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The Shakespeare Betrayal Project

a performance
written and performed by
Kristin Linklater
in collaboration with Aida Croal and Enrique Pardo
directed by Enrique Pardo

Kristin Linklater
Aimee Phelan
Gabe Patel
Jack Phillips
John Hadden
Kofi Boakyae

presented as work in progress at
The Schapiro Theatre
New York, June 16-18, 1999



THE SHAKESPEARE BETRAYAL tells the story of Dora, the illegitimate daughter of the 16th Earl of Oxford, who runs away from home and, disguised as a young boy, finds employment with the theater company of "Oxford's Men". The plays are written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, who takes a special interest in Dora. Dora becomes a successful actor in the company and soon finds herself involved with her half-brother both romantically and as a co-writer of the women's roles in the plays.

THE SHAKESPEARE BETRAYAL begins years later with Dora, now an aged Shakespearean actress, sharing her story with a troupe of derelicts. The backdrop is a timeless, tattered mosaic that weaves in and out of Dora's past and allows her to recreate some of her greatest theatrical triumphs. It is unclear if Dora is who she says she is, a 400 year old Shakespearean actress, or rather a slightly touched older actress of our own time who has created a vivid history for herself; but the confusion and mystery of Dora's past creates an unpredictable landscape where Dora can float freely in and out of the great characters of Shakespearean drama.

THE SHAKESPEARE BETRAYAL has been workshopped at the Stella Adler Conservatory and at Musical Theater Works.