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Founded in 1981 by Enrique Pardo, co-directed with Linda Wise, Pantheatre was the first independent company to emerge from the Roy Hart Theatre. It integrated movement (corporal mime and actor's physical training in the Grotowsky / Odin lineage, and dance.) It was deeply inspired by the cultural ideas of archetypal psychology, especially those of its founder, James Hillman, who became Pantheatre's honorary president, together with Liza Mayer, a founding member of Roy Hart Theatre.

Based in Paris (September to March), and at Malérargues, the Roy Hart International Arts Centre, in Southern France (May to July), where it organizes the Spring esidential workshop symposium, and the July Myth and Theatre Festival (Summer University).


Pantheatre ACTS
Voice Performance School
A training and research programme, based mainly in Paris and at Malérargues (Roy Hart Centre). Presentation.
Myth and Theatre Festival Founded with James Hillman, Charles Boer, Jay Livernois, Paul Kugler, Pantheatre's first Myth and Theatre Festivals took place in Malérargues, in 1987 and 1989. It then was a festival in residence at La Chartreuse of Villeneuve lez Avignon (CNES) till 1999, travelling thereafter to New Orleans, Ireland, Umbria (Italy), Granada (Spain). In 2005 it returned to Malérargues for an annual Summer University .

Roy Hart Theatre
1969 - 1989


A theatre group and company founded around Roy Hart in London in 1969, it moved to Malérargues, France, in 1974 in a communitarian venture (40 members.) After Roy Hart's death in 1975, it pursued collective artistic creations for some years, and, in 1989, a collective decision was taken to dissolve the company and not to use the name Roy Hart Theatre for artistic productions.
Roy Hart
1926 - 1975
Born in South Africa, Roy Hart studied theatre in London (RADA) and worked with Alfred Wolfsohn, whose work he developed leading a small group of Wolfsohn's pupils to what became the Roy Hart Theatre. A charismatic actor and exceptional vocalist, he worked with some of the leading avant-garde composers of the 1960s.
Alfred Wolfsohn
1896 - 1962
German Jewish teacher and philosopher of the voice, Alfred Wolfsohn emerged with severe war trauma syndromes from World War I. He travelled to Italy where the contact with Renaissance art inspired his approach to singing and lead to his explorations of the psycho-somatics of the voice.

Most of the archive material (written, recorded, filmed) by and on Alfred Wolfsohn, Roy Hart, and Roy Hart Theatre is available through the Roy Hart Centre Archives. Email to: or visit an archives site assembled and presented by Paul Silber and Clara Harris, both members of the original Roy Hart Theatre:

PANTHEATRE is building a Library at Malérargues on the relationships between mythology and theatre. It will also include films of recent productions linked to PANTHEATRE;


On this site you will find bibliography on PANTHEATRE :

The literature on Roy Hart Theatre, Roy Hart and Alfred Wolfsohn is mostly historical; there is little in terms of cultural studies.

Some recent publications:

Noah Pikes : Dark Voices - The Genesis of the Roy Hart Theatre.
Marianne Ginsbourger : La Voix de l'Inouï - Le Souffle d'Or, France 1996.
Laurent Colomb : Le Roy Hart Theatre - contribution à une étude pluridisciplinaire de la voix. Thèse de doctorat, Université Paris 8, Vincennes St Denis. 2000. Check
Paul Newham : The Prophet of Song: the life and work of Alfred Wolfsohn - Tiger's Eye Press, UK 1997.
Orlanda Cook : Singing with your own voice - Nick Hern Books Ltd. UK 2004.



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PANTHEATRE ACTS Voice Performance School offers a certificate and two diplomas - see CERTIFICACION. These include the Roy Hart certificates and diplomas.

The "Roy Hart Theatre" label (dissolved in 1989) cannot be used for performance credits. This is a polemic point since some members of the original troupe still do, and entitle their pupils to do so. Pantheatre's stand is that artistic projects should go under the sole identity and responsability of the individuals and companies concerned.

Malérargues (Southern France)
Roy Hart Centre

Château de Malérargues, in the Cevennes foothills, was bought by members of the Roy Hart Theatre in 1975, and was later named Roy Hart International Arts Centre; it hosts workshops and residential creation projects in its theatre space and six working studios.