A three weeks residential workshop symposium at Château de Malérargues , the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre, Southern France - a country paradise in May!

Work days include ensemble workshops and individual voice sessions, personal or rehearsal time. We will explore Pantheatre's two main axis: voice performance and choreographic theatre, and their relationship to Roy Hart's legacy.

The symposium includes talks and discussions led by Enrique Pardo and Liza Mayer around this year's theme: "Psyche and Eros".

Contributors include Linda Wise Pantheatre's co-director, American writer and psychotherapist Nor Hall, artist Maria Fernandez, Jay Livernois, advisor of Pantheatre and current director of the Roy Hart Centre.


Registration: send a brief CV and letter of motivation. Fee: 1360€ (includes 5 dinners) Cost of lodging : 400€ (20 nights / 20€) other possibilities avalable (hiring and camping)


Château de Malérargues
30140 Thoiras (Gard - Southern France)
50km from Nîmes & Montpellier

Español      English

Residential Workshop Symposium
at Malerargues, the Roy Hart Centre (Southern France)

May 8 to 27, 2007

Voice Pedagogy and Performance
Pantheatre and Roy Hart
voice performance, choreographic theatre, singing and acting.

directed by
Enrique Pardo  and  Liza Mayer

with Linda Wise

and guest teachers and lecturers
Nor Hall, Maria Fernandez, Jay Livernois.

Psyche and Eros
study and discussion theme

A quote from Enrique Pardo : "The main authority (author and dramaturg) I seek in my work is Psyche, especially when Eros is around - that is, when sexuality is given a voice."

The May agenda will include reflecting on and experimenting with the interplay between Psyche's logos and Eros' arrows, between psychological reflection and erotic impulse.

It will also be the main preparation time for the July 2007 Summer Unversity, where we will explore the femenine figurations of the voice - sirens and sibyls - and the role of sexuality in performance creation and pedagogy.

The 2007 symposium will be trilingual
Spanish / English / French