Malérargues Travel

Château de Malérargues

TELEPHONES : PANTHEATRE : 33 (0)4 66 85 44 19 // OFFICE 33 (0)4 66 85 45 98

Check also practical information (map, lodging, taxis) on the Roy Hart Centre website :

Château de Malérargues is in the country, quite isolated (nearest village with shops is Lasalle, 6km West.) Obviously it is best to come by car (see car rentals below) - but with a minimum of coordination all problems get sorted out easily. One can also rent bicycles (minimum fitness required since it is fairly hilly - usually 30€ per week.) Great walks too!


from Paris : TGV to Nîmes (less than 3 hours)

consult and book on

SNFC mails tickets abroad or, better, has printable ones now!

try arrive in Nîmes so as to catch the BUS to Thoiras-Gare.

Make sure you purchase and book a TGV place on your train (booking is obligatory.)

PLANE Nearest airports: Nîmes and Montpellier

Check Ryan Air
London (Stanstead Airport) to Nîmes and Montpellier - returns as low as UK£ 30

DOUBLE CHECK since there are rumours the Nimes flight might cease.

Access to Malérargues from Montpellier: bus to Montpellier station / train to Nîmes / Bus to Thoiras-Gare.


From Nîmes Station
to Thoiras-Gare

fiche horaires

A very local bus (no need to book in advance) that drops you 10km from Malérargues. Give us warning and we will come fetch you at Thoiras-Gare.

If you arrive in Nîmes by train, buses are at the back of Nîmes station.

please check since timetables depend on days of the week (no bus Sundays!) and double check for school holidays timetables


Malérargues is on the local road between Anduze and Lasalle. From Paris you can come down 2 ways:

  1. the main motorway via Lyon, exit at Bollène, via Alès to Anduze (8 hours - very very intense driving), or alternative (we advice it):
  2. the central motorway via Clermont Ferrand (9 hours, beautiful and leisurely - except last 2 hours mountain roads via Marvéjols, Florac, Saint Jean du Gard to Malérargues.)

Nîmes Airport
Europcar 33 4 66 21 31 35
Budget 33 4 66 70 49 42
Hertz 33 4 66 70 19 96

Nimes RR Station
AVIS 33 4 66 29 66 36
ADA - good reputation and cheaper rentals:
Nimes: 33 4 55 84 25 60
Alès: 33 4 66 52 72 52