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A forum of reflection and practice that explores the mythologies that “figure” and “figure out” our conceptions, perceptions and uses of the voice – while examining the very notion of myth and its paradigms.
Honorary President : James Hillman
Artistic Director : Enrique Pardo
Advisors : Nor Hall, Nick Hobbs, Stephen Karcher, Jay Livernois, Liza Mayer, Sonu Shamdasani, Linda Wise.
Centre for Performance Research - Directors: Joan Mills, Richard Gough, Judie Christie

Roy Hart International Centre, Malérargues

2006 Summer University
July 1 to 14 2006

at Malérargues, Roy Hart Centre,
Southern France
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Myths of the Voice : how the voice is conceived of, listened to and used - especially in the arts and therapeutic practices. From pagan oracles to spiritist raps, from Protestant singing to contemporary myths of soul.

Summer University 2005

Pantheatre, in collaboration with the Roy Hart Centre, (Château de Malérargues), organized a first VOICES Summer University , dedicated to Myths of the Voice. Among the main topics:

  • The origins of the Wolfsohn / Roy Hart voice tradition and its teaching today.
  • The Camisards. Château de Malérargues was at the centre of the Protestant Camisards' rebellion in the early 18 th c. Their voice cults have uncanny historical links with soul music and …the Roy Hart Theatre.
  • Voicing concepts: laboratories and ‘oratories' conducted by Enrique Pardo in collaboration with guest lecturers, teachers and members of PANTHEATRE ACTS.

See 2005 Summer University Archives and
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A Myths of the Voice Conference
Lectures, Workshops, Performances

April 4 to 9 2006

Aberythswith, Wales

The 2006 "Giving Voice" event organized by CPR Centre for Performance Research will be linked to Pantheatre's "Myths of the Voice" festivals, and will follow up some of the themes explored at the 2005 Summer University (July 4 to 17 2005) at Malérargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France.

Enrique Pardo will be giving two lectures, one with Stephen Karcher, and directing a workshop:

Placing the Voice

A voice and choreographic theatre workshop

Enrique Pardo, director
Nick Hobbs, music ex machina
Sharon Feder, assistant director in situ
Caterina Perazzi, assistant director ex centrum

Multiple plots:

•  Ensemble work: plot, place and context - the “ecology of imagination”

•  Right and wrong moves: spotting tacit voices

•  Hearing voices (“dropping eaves”): panic oracles, echolalia and sybilline ro-mantics

•  Bringing wild voices home to roost

•  Allowing texts a say (at the witness box)

•  Giving music the benefit of the doubt (i.e. divine status)

•  Verdict: “ If you find your place you will find your voice - and the plot, i.e. the meaning of your ‘lines' .”

Bring a working text learnt by heart; some 250 words, any genre, contemporary please (Enrique does not speak fluent Shakespeare. English, French, Spanish, Italian welcome.)

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