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Director Rafael Ruiz

Departamento Lingüística General y Teoría de la Literatura. UGR.

El Fingidor. Revista Cultural UGR.

Director José Monleón


JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA. Consejería de Juventud. Granada

DIPUTACIÓN DE GRANADA. Área de Juventud. Granada

UNIVERSIDAD DEL PAIS VASCO. Vicerrectorado de Extensión Cultural





JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA. Consejería de Cultura. Granada



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April 4 to 12 - 2003
workshops start on Saturday 5 at 10am


The 2nd International Mythical Mediterranean Forum explores the theme of Pagan Passion proposing for 2003 its variation as FURY.

FURY is the fire and the fierceness of passion, both conquering impetuosity and avenging rage. It can be heroic, noble and brave ("bravo" is what the bull is supposed to be in the corrida), or blind, reckless, frenetic and fanatical. What makes the difference? See Editorial.

This year the workshops take place in VIZNAR, just outside Granada. Conferences will take place in Viznar and at the Euroarab Foundation in Granada, on April 7 8 and 9, and there will be a closing evening on Saturday 12th.

Transport between Granada and Viznar will be organized by the Forum.


The Forum includes 3 workshops in which all participants will work in group rotations.
  • Voice Workshop : Linda Wise
  • Dance Workshop : Pep Ramis and María Muñoz of Compañía Malpelo (Spain)
  • Choreographic Theatre: Enrique Pardo

A series of classes for Granada University students will take place in connection with the workshops and conferences.

Forum has reserved 26 residencial places at VIZNAR,
register and book as soon as possible!

different residential possibilies


Workshops take place in Spanish, English and French.


It is possible to attend the Forum for a few days only:

WEEK END April 5 - 6 :

  • Taking part in the workshops of Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo.
  • It is also possible to stay extra days taking part in workshops and attending lectures.


2nd International Forum

Evening outings will include a visit to the Alhambra, flamenco at the Sacromonte caves, and performances. The Forum finishes on the eve of Holy Week, which is astonishing in Granada, so you might want to stay on. Warning: book early!

on Granada, visit



2003 performance project

Mediterranean Music - New Book of Essays


Garbiñe and Charo

General Coordination
Garbiñe Tolosa Baquedano and Charo Sánchez Casado

Director: Carmen Martínez Romero Profesora Facultad Filosofía y Letras, UGR
Coordinator: José Francisco Zúñiga Profesor Facultad Filosofía y Letras, UGR

Artistic Director : Enrique Pardo

Contacts in Spain:

Garbiñe Tolosa -- c/ Gracia 3, 3 izda. 18002 Granada

Garbiñe Tolosa Bakedano : GRANADA : 0034 647 67 91 06

Charo Sanchez : SEVILLA : 0034 95 4900708 and 0034 666 469547



The Editorial

The Granada "Mythical Mediterranean" Forum pursues its exploration of the theme of "Pagan Passion," proposing for 2003 its variation as FURY.

FURY is the fire and the fierceness of passion, both conquering impetuosity and avenging rage. It can be heroic, noble and brave ("bravo" is what the bull is supposed to be in the corrida), or blind, reckless, frenetic and fanatical. Today, whole areas of the Mediterranean are full of this kind of ethno-religious FURY, inspiring both terrorist and artist as an absolute devotion to the chosen image.

At first sight, FURY belongs to the epic, to the famous "heroic furor" of the protagonist, missionary and warrior, and to their victims who become furious heroes in their turn. But let the polytheist beware! Greek mythology personifies this compulsive rage in three figures it calls the Furies (it also calls them Eumenides, "the kindly ones"), and much of classic Mediterranean myth is occupied with dealing with their implacable desire for blood revenge.

Mythologically, each god and goddess has his or her own FURY, and specific motives to become furious. These range from Dionysus' carnavalesque fury (amplified by theatre groups such as the Catalans Els Comedians or La Fura del Baus) and Pan's panic (the pastoral god can be

seen at work in Panic Theatre, from Artaud to Arrabal), to Artemis's virgin frenzy and Hera's jealous rages. And let us not forget the furious jealousies of the Bible's Jaweh or the Norse heroes who went berserk and had to be plunged into barrel after barrel of ice-cold water, which they would bring to the boil!

Contemporary feminist imagination contrasts the violence and furor of the bronze and iron ages with pacifist fantasies of matriarchies. They see Ares, a god linked to iron and bronze, as exclusively loving the fury of battle. But Ares does not care about winning: he seeks the alertness, the intensity, and the adrenaline one feels in battle - and Aphrodite seems to link the warrior's fury and the lover's passion, for Ares is her favorite partner.

The Forum will explore, in workshops, lectures and discussions, the contrast proposed by Stephen Karcher at the 2002 Forum, between the epic and the pastoral traditions in the Mediterranean, a distinction we can use to differentiate theatre dramaturgy, an epic enterprise, from the narratives of contemporary dance. We will take as our "anti-hero" Orlando Furioso, following him back into the pagan world of pastoral and the pagan practice of divination, finding which god is possessing us and learning to deal with her or his furious shadow.

Enrique Pardo - August 19, 2002

Presentación Oficial en Español.



Participants take part in all 3 workshops, with a planning that alternates between the three workshops, both mornings and afternoons. There will be meetings, conferences and parties in the evening, both at Viznar and in Granada.

Enrique Pardo

The Economy of Violence

A Choreographic Theatre Workshop
movement, voice, texts

The use of metaphorical violence calls for a refine and economical use. The primary danger with FURY is that it can burn out all sense of poetry, and capacity for reflection.

The Green Lion - Alchemy's emblem for drama and fire - ends up bleeding the sun, the very source of all energy. And yet Alchemy warns us that without this Green Lion, the opus, the work cannot start: without passion there is no art, while art gives form and transforms violence.

One calls upon the Green Lion in the hope that it will turn red, become the legendary Red Lion, the monarch of the stage. It is said that when a Red Lion makes his entrance onto the stage, the stage becomes red.

But even this kind of achievement can become problematic. There are the aging, veteran lion kings (!) and queens - with their furious megalomania and their broken voices, believing themselves to be the sole masters of theatre - and who end up embittered tyrants. It's the jesters and buffoons who deal with their kind of violence, through humor and the corrosive intelligence of their mercurial comic.

The workshop will apply a tragic-comic approach to FURY. Tragedy opens the mythological dimensions of violence, injustice, unfairness, and of the fury these provoke. Comedy subverts the sentimental pathos of soap operas, and helps us laugh at our failures.



Linda Wise

Flying Pans

A Voice Workshop

With FURY, pots and pans fly... a tradition, it seems, in Linda Wise Scottish family! (Otherwise, the great god Pan is not known for flying...)

A real vocal piano-forte is perhaps the most difficult thing to achieve: to let fly the temperament of an enraged broken scream, and to transform it into a sustained lyrical pianissimo, where one can still hear the underlying passion...

The Roy Hart work is known for its exploration of the frontiers of the voice. Linda Wise, one of its best-known teachers, takes the work into music and theatre.

The workshop, which is open to all, is based on musical disciplines, (singing with a piano) but doesn't require musical training. It includes relaxation, breathing and postural work, as well as musical and theatrical improvisations.

For both workshops (Pardo and Wise) participants are asked to please bring a working text, learned by heart - the text may be of any style but preferably contemporary.

Ideally the texts should have some connection to the theme of FURY, but this doesn't mean they have to be 'furious', and laden with exclamation marks and superlatives! They can, for instance, be ironic, or inciting or countering fury - the ridiculous furies of Orlando Furioso (the great Italian classic of Ariosto) will be one of the themes under discussion in the Forum.

The workshops of the Forum will also serve as laboratories for the texts and scenes of a theatre production planned for June 2003 in Granada, a Brechtian cabaret called: AMAMÁ'. A bibliography and a list of texts will be made available to participants.


Pep Ramis and María Muñoz
Malpelo Company, Spain.

Furious Bodies

A Dance Workshop

Open research and concrete proposals: these could be said to be the two pillars of Malpelo's artistic endevours. Their style carries an intimistic quality; their stagings are remarkably simple. Their reflections around humanity bring out its joys and its miseries, and are not devoid of irony. Gesture is very important, as are dynamics and energies, without shirking from theatrical elements.

Working proposals: how do bodies express fury, how small gestures can invite us into furious landscapes, how the reigning in of rage, and anger con allow us even greater expressions of its power.




FORUM : Workshops and Conferences : 400€
Includes 60 hours of workshop participantion with the 3 teachers (voice, dance and theatre) and the participation in all other Forum activities (conferences, debates, final presentations, dialogues with the university participants.)

  1. Discount if registration sent before February 28 : 360 €
  2. Discount for 2002 members of the Forum Associaciation : 200 €


  • WEEK END : April 5 and 6 :

    • Taking part Saturday and Sunday in the workshops of Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo: 100€
    • Staying extra days, taking part in the workshops : 50€ per day - including conferences and discussions.

For information on the parallel University Sessions see Spanish Prensentation


  1. Send your name, address (include phones and email), age (the Viznar residency offers a discount for under-26s), and add a few lines of presentation and motivation.
  2. Indicate if you wish to reserve a residential place in VIZNAR (limited number - check with us and book earliest).
  3. Send a deposit of 120€ (this deposit is refundable up to March 10th minus 20€ administrative costs - it is not refundable after March 10th.)
  4. The remaining amount to be paid on arrival in Granada, Spanish cheques or cash ONLY please.

Payments in Spain:
SPANISH cheques to
Garbiñe Tolosa -- c/ Gracia 3, 3 izda. 18002 Granada

or a banker's order to

2038 9807 47 6000200581
Caja Madrid
Titular: Aso. Mediterraneo Mítico

Payments from outside Spain:

Send the deposit of 120€ to Pantheatre
124 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris France
(all payments are net of all banking charges.)




J.F. ZÚÑIGA : "De lo Sublime a lo Dionisiaco" (From the Sublime to the Dionysiac.

J.A. SÁNCHEZ : "Estética de la Furia en escena" (Esthetics of Fury on Stage)

F. ORTUÑO : "Furia, Erinias, creatividad y escena" (Furies, Erynies, creativity and stage)

S. KARCHER : "Imaginando la Pasión: terror, furia y los hermanos furiosos" (On Imagining Passion: Terror, Fury and the Murderous Brothers)

A. FACIO : "Bernarda Alba y la furia" (Bernarda Alba and Fury)

R. GARCIA : "Escribir en cólera y furiosamente jodido" (Writing in fury and furiously fucked-up)

F. ZABBAL : "De la joie en Islam" (Joy in Islam)


and the expected special participation of José MONLEON


James Hillman
- Bibliografia Spain
presidente de honor de Pantheatre y del Festival Mito y Teatro

See also: www.springpub.com and

  • El Mito del Analisis (obra fundamental que confronta el mito de Edipo con el mito de Eros y Sique)
  • Revisioning Psychology (incluye capitulos sobre psicologia, Dionisio y la teatralidad.)
  • El Pensamiento del Corazon
    Ediciones Siruela - Plaza de Manuel Becerra 15 - Madrid 28028 - Tel: 091 3555720

  • El Codigo del Alma -- Ediciones Martinez Roca SA-- Enric Granados 84 bajos - 08008 Barcelona
  • Tipos de Poder -- Ediciones Joan Granica SA - Balmes 351 - 08006 Barcelona
    La Fuerza de Caracter -- Editorial Debate, Madrid


residential centre for the workshops

as well as afternoon debates (see Planning)

Albergue Juvenil de Víznar:
Camino Fuente Grande s/n. 18.179 Víznar. A 7 km. de Granada
Tfno.: 958.543307

The Forum organizes the daily transport between Granada and Víznar (bus arriving in Víznar at 9h45, and returning to Granada after the workshops and debates.)

Local Maps

Possibilities of Residence
Albergue de Víznar

Albergue Juvenil de Víznar
Camino Fuente Grande s/n. 18.179 Víznar. 7 km. from Granada

Most rooms have 4 beds with plenty of space and a shower. Towels can be rented; sheets are provided.

Book through the Forum: when registering specify your wish to book a place in Víznar. The deposit cover the booking in Viznar. IMPORTANT : bookings are for the FULL package and there are no discounts for nights or meals not used.

How to get there?
By car: before arriving in Granada, take the A-92 direction of Murcia-Almería, y soon after there is the exit to VIZNAR.
Buses from Granada: there are two buses, one morning and one afternoon.

229.84 € (less than 26 years old)
198.34 € (older than 26)

  • includes 9 nights (from the night of Friday April 4, to Sunday April 13)
  • 8 breakfasts (the Sunday April 13 breakfast is NOT included, extra booking)
  • 8 lunches (from Saturday April 5, to Saturday April 12)
  • 5 dinners (from Saturday April 5, to Friday April 11, excluding April 7 8 9 and 12, the Granada conference evenings.)

Hospedería Ruta de Lórca: 10 minutes drive from Víznar.
JUAN DIEGO. Carretera Víznar, 6. 18170 Alfacar. Tfno.: 958.543308

Special price 18€ per night;
contact Forum to book.
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