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.PANTHEATRE NEW YORK PanNYC is planned as a yearly training intensive. It will consist of two daily session with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise, private coachings, weekend workshops, and possibly rehearsals which lead to a devised performance theater cabaret.

The project also includes cultural and critical studies which dynamically and explicitly link the theatrical work to mythology, archetypal psychology - by leaders in their respective fields.

Directed by Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise - with a core professional advicing and performing group : Hillary Spector, Debora Ballardini, Sean Lewis, Grace Zandarski, Dawn Saito, Ximena Garnica.

PanNYC Coordinator : Hillary Spector EMAIL


Spring 2009 project

dates in May 2009 - tbc

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Linda Wise Three hour sessions on voice . The emphasis will be on personnal coaching in voice work, including expressive work and extended ranges techniques, and voice performance directing.

Enrique Pardo Three hour ensemble sessions in choreographic theatre including voice performance and texts.

The PanNYC project training hours are valid for both Pantheatre and Roy Hart certificates.