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This project will take place at

Paris Studio DTM around the Paris laboratory group. Intensive: workshops, lectures, seminars and work in progress presentations.




It is open to all on selection (Letter of Motivation, and CV.)

"Both OPEN TO ALL and PROFESSIONAL: what matters is having an open mind. Much more a question of personality, of listening and of expressive risk than technical know-how (musical, acting or dance)."

Paris April 27 to May 1st    2018

 Sticks & Snakes
   Anima & Animals
    Angels & Demons
     Charms & Oracles
      Leaders & Followers
       Teachers & Cheaters
        Masters & Mistresses
         Magicians & Tricksters
          Shamans & Charlatans

Teachers, Cheaters, Gurus, Mentors

Symposium    Laboratory

performance &  pedagogy

Director : Enrique Pardo


Presentation by Enrique Pardo


This Paris gathering will be both a banquet of ideas (symposium) and a poetic factory (laboratory). working on the complexity of the couplings above : paradoxical duos and doubles, complementary and antagonistic; partners, brothers and enemies; real or fake twins; sometimes traitors.

The theme and proposals of this event stemms from an article titled "Teachers, Cheater, Gurus and Mentors".

I teach what I am researching, and in this sense, of course, what I teach is "Enrique Pardo". Amongst my main references remain first of all James Hillman and Roy Hart, as well as other masters, and peers like the recent philosophical proposals of Xavier Papaïs and Bruno Pinchard. My work also includes the configurations and ideas of my collaborators - including for instance the interest in clown work and shamanism.

The project's guest of honor will be Maria Fernandez. Anna Griève will be presenting her summer Festival lectures on Bluebeard, in suprising version by the Brothers Grimm.

Linda Wise, co-director of Pantheatre, will also be with us: with time our differences become more marked and therefore more interesting.

The question of pedagogy, especially "Roy Hart", has been much discussed at the Roy Hart Center in recent months. This project is my contribution as an autonomous artist, sometimes even as a voice of the opposition. See BLOG articles (search by categories ROY HART & VOICE).

Concerning Roy Hart’s legacy and the interminable discussions around transmission, teacher training, diplomas, orthodoxies, communities, etc., these experimental laboratories are proposed to both foster and question evolutions, digressions, differences, re-visionings, alternatives, deviations. Roy Hart did once say: "I am a deviant"! Philosopher Steve Levine put in terms of "wonderfull betrayals".

Amongst the expected artists teachers (to be confirmed): Michaëlla Gallozzi, Joëlle Thisse, Didier Monge, Hélène Larrodé, Nahuel Bustamante, Vincent Jarreau - members of the Paris Laboratory.

In principle, the mornings will be dedicated to sessions by different teachers (experienced or in training) in order to be able to analyse and discuss them.

In the afternoon, I will lead a laboratory. Evenings will be dedicated to either work presentations or study seminars.


References &  Quotes


Maria Fernandez – No one that I know has travelled the way Maria has, and therefore no one that I know knows more about “teachers, cheaters, gurus, mentors”. To mention the masters and mistresses Maria has befriended would sound like science fiction. She has been a friend and advisor of Pantheatre since the very early days. She is also a hardy performer. Searching on internet I found dozens of Maria Fernandez - she has the ultimate flamenco name! And I had a great time (check out La Caramba!) - but in fact she is not Spanish but of Italian-Afro-Portuguese origins. English in fact, born in Trinidad, she now lives in Amsterdam. Such geography points to a uniquely ‘placed’ voice.  E.P.

Nota: a series of four interviews with Maria will be posted on Pantheatre’s site in the coming weeks.


First quote: Malidoma Somé: The Blessing of Betrayal (1993). I paraphrase: "In an initiation, if you do not feel betrayed, nothing has as yet happened . "

Second quote (I paraphrase again): "You are a shaman as long as your luck lasts. Roberte Hamayon, one of whose (superb) essays on shamanism is titled Hunting the Soul. The Neoplatonic philosopher Proclus wrote of Hunging the Being: chamanic metaphysics?

Plato's Symposium (Banquet) is an theatrical staging of ideas through dialogues. Something similar struck me about Roy Hart's approach to the voice: a thinking voice (thinking / singing). A performative logos: thinking as singing, and vice versa. It reminds me of Wolfgang Giegerich's book The Soul Always Thinks. I'll come back to this.

Trickster / Traitor. We should add this duo to our list. The father of Pan, our patron saint, is no other than Hermes, the great Greek trickster. Lewis Hyde in his book Trickster Makes the World, tells a story about one of the artists who epitomises for him the true character of "the trickster" in the modern world: "A friend once heard Allen Ginsberg lecture on prophecy; at the end of the talk a young man asked, 'Mr Ginsberg, how does one become a prophet?' Ginsberg replied, 'Tell your secrets.'" Secrets are what Hyde tells; not so much personal secrets but the secrets of the techniques human beings create and employ to make it possible for them to live together in societies." SEE INFORMATION

Coyote is another, a very other, trickster: a scavenger. A cute little dog wanted to play with a passing dog. Big mistake: watch the VIDEO. We are not in cute and innocent territory.


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