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…with yet another genius engraving by Giambattista Tiepolo. This time it is the most explicit depiction of an in-depth master class: a necromantic consultation. “Tomb studies” as Bruno Pinchard would put it *.

The title of the 2018 Myth and Theatre Festival invites us down, down as in Nekyia, the Greek word for descent to the under-
rld, to the Kingdom of Hades, the pagan hells, the ultimate dream - and theatre - factory.

The Solstice folklore and festivities, Christmas and New Year, carry echoes of Nekyia: the rites of Hades and his Night Club **. We hope you join us for some serious fun, there and elsewhere, in one of the projects below.

Enrique, Linda and Pantheatre

* Philosophie de l'initiation, by Bruno Pinchard, Editions Dervy, Paris 2016 (not yet translated), which will be our study book of the year: "We have opened the door to the dead and myth has broken in amongst the chilly and overcautions groups of the living." (In Tiepolo's depiction: not so chilly, and very well dressed!)

** Back in 1997, Marie Elliot-Gartner produced and played Demeter in a Bavarian nightclub belonging to her millionaire stepson who allegedly abducted and married her daughter, Persephone. Yes, Hades again. Marie went on to a PhD in mythology at the Pacifica Institute, California. Greetings to her and to her wonderful cast. I was the lucky director. EP. See ROSENHELL und BILDERSTURM

Below, the Festival, and 2018 key events - with links

Myth and Theatre Festival
Malerargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France.
June 19 to July 1st
Paris Professional
Voice Performance & Music
2 weeks workshop
February 19 – March 2nd
Paris 2  weekends
Voice & choreographic theatre + Roy Hart work + texts (optional)
Jan 27 28   24 25 March
Paris Laboratory
Weekly, Saturday mornings
Plus, Cultural Studies Seminars
January to April
Paris classes
Voice Performance
3 to 5 participants / registration
January to April
Teachers, Cheaters, Gurus, Mentors
Paris (April 27 to May 1st)
Malerargues (May 6 to 10)
Paris Seminar
E Pardo & D Monge - Sat Feb 24
Sibyllic voices in philosophy, teaching and performance
UCLAN University, UK
Honorary Fellowship
Enrique’s acceptance talk :
Why Theatre? performances & dialogues
July 16 to 19
Host: Dr. Amy Rome
Plus lectures & master classes,
...flies up - and away, to projects
workshops and performances
Chile, Brasil, Sweden,   New York

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