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An exploration of voice performance, myth and choreographic theatre


PanNYC is a training intensive, directed by Pantheatre's directors Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise.

Since 2009, it has been produced and hosted by  Nettles Artists Collective.  Now in its fifth year, it will take place at Nettles Artists Collective's artistic home, Punto Space, as part of the #PuntoArts program.  

The aim is the transmission of PANTHEATRE's performance research and training methods, considered by many as one of today's most culturally innovative performance laboratories.

PanNYC addresses professional artists and teachers from all the performing fields. It also includes artists from other fields, scholars and therapists, especially those whose work is linked with the proposals of the late James Hillman who was Pantheatre's honorary president and main inspirational figure.


May 30 - June 5     2017

Oracles and Background Singers

Voice Performance   &   Choreographic Theatre


The voices that know better: they are oracular voices. In choreographic theatre we want them to achieve divinatory rank: they are the ones who interpret the texts – not the actor, not the hero, not the book, not the author. These all have their own blueprints of interpretation, but, again, oracular voices know better:. Meaning 'drops' into the backdrop, it rises from the underworld (James Hillman).

The idea is to reflect and research the practice of background vocalists in choreographic theatre and in voice performance. The spirits of vodou are never far away in soul and rock music, and especially with back-up choristers. Such voices were already hovering over the chorus of Greek tragedies.

See Background Voices article and editorial

Full Information  &  Registration


Contact Debora Balardini at PUNTO 917.402.7961 or email PanNYC.

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Workshops Schedule

May 30th through June 5th.

Workshop classes from 10am to 3:30pm.

Enrique and Linda teach both
in the morning and afternoon
with a 30 minute break. 

Full Information  &  Registration

See below for Guest Events

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organized by Debora Balardini and Sandie Luna
produced by the   Nettles Artist Collective
located in Midtown Manhattan - West 38th St



Guest Events


Tuesday May 30th
6pm to 8pm

at Punto Space

Randy Fertel

Wednesday May 31st 6pm to 8pm

Talk & Round Table


Randy is a writer and philanthropist from New Orleans, the author of A Taste for Chaos: The Art of Literary Improvisation. He specializes in the literature of the Vietnam War and the literature of exile.
He met Pantheatre at the 1999 New Orleans festival: “Hermes – Quick, Cool and Crooked”.
He will lecture on Dark Hermes and Trump – with a guest appearance by Pinocchio.

Rachel Pollack

Thursday June 1st
6pm to 8pm

Talk & Round Table


Snake Change --Teiresias, Hermes,
and the Image of the Caduceus

Rachel is one of the World's foremost authorities on the modern interpretation of the Tarot. A poet and novelist, and a Tarot card and comic book artist. She lectured at Pantheatre’s 1993 Festival on the ritual sexual mutilations in honor of Goddess Cibele.

Note from Rachel: "Enrique…  I would take issue with the term "sexual mutilations." In my (1993) talk I tried to make the point that these were a medically primitive form of transsexual surgery, done in a state of ritual ecstasy."
EP: point taken, in militant agreement. Teiresias is with you.

Gregory Shaw

Sunday June 4th
4:30 to 6:30

Talk & Round Table


Gregory and Enrique meet for the first time - to talk about Hillman and Iamblichus. Everyone should know James Hillman by now. Iamblichus was a Neoplatonic philosopher (Syria, 250 – 330), pivotal for performative magic - also called THEURGY.

Sean Edward Lewis

Sunday June 4th dusk
A private event (on invitation - contact.)


Playwright, actor, director of LILAC Co. Brooklyn - one of Pantheatre's closest artist-friends. Enrique said Sean's work was the best in Brooklyn, ie New York, ie (hmm) the USA.
He will present new theatre: AMERICAN FLY  (MAGIC "mother of science" -  when things turn to shit in come the flies.

Open Performance Session.

Monday June 5th

A session amongst friends to try out things and present aspects of work in progress.

time and theme tbc further