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Psyche's Task


Training Cycle 2022

Voice Peformance  -  Singing  -  Movement

The 2022 Cycle titled Psyche's Task will be directed by Enrique Pardo

in coordination with Linda Wise and the Paris and International Circles

Programs Organizer : Debora Balardini (NY)


6 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 11e     M° Saint Ambroies et Richard Lenoir

Enrique Pardo / Linda Wise

Due to health reasons, Linda Wise will be less present in Pantheatre training in 2022.

Enrique will direct the 2022 Cycle including Linda's vocal and musical work, with the help of Chilean pianist Ariel Lopez and other Pantheatre & Roy Hart Teachers

Cycle 2022 is OPEN TO EVERYONE: what counts above all is an open mind and a taste for risk. It is much more a question of personality, quality of listening and expressive risk than of technical know-how (musical, actoral or dance), which are of course very welcome.


See interview of Enrique Pardo (in French)

filmed and edited by Didier Monge



The 2022 Training Cycle was based on the LABORATORY formula created and practiced by Enrique Pardo over the last thirty or more years, and inspired by the writings of James Hillman and of Paul Kugler.

It is a synthesis of movement, gesture, dance, on the one hand - and on the other, voice performance (the inclusion of the Roy Hart's voice work), with choirs and music.

The synthesis we call CHOREGRAPHIC THEATRE

Also a framework of TRANSMISSION (artistic and pedagogical) in shared research with collaborating artists: dance, clown, music, etc.

Singing and Voice interpretation

Linda's teaching by Enrique with the pianist Ariel Lopez

Between us and with a grain of salt, we say that Linda works more with MELODIA, and Enrique more with MELODRAMA. Both include singing in their work, as well as the voice work inherited from Roy Hart.

Enrique will work mainly on the notion of VOICE PERFORMANCE, and, with Ariel Lopez, the work of improvisation on songs, including the melodic and harmonic accompaniment on the piano.


The original notion of LABORATORY comes from afar, and in particular from Alchemy: the experimentation of the links between matter and imagination. A notion renewed by Jerzy Grotowski in his famous Laboratory Theater. We are in this lineage - updated by the archetypal (and alchemical!) thinking of James Hillman.

See a 'classic' example of an Alchemical Laboratory, of the "family" type (the whole family at work) LABORATORIO.

All the practical work has a strong theoretical aspect. Alchemy clearly said that the Laboratory could not be fertile without the ORATORY: lectures, seminars, bibliography in CULTURAL STUDIES, especially in relation to mythology and the notion of magic.

Eventually, participants are encouraged to consider montage-performances on the principle of FOLIE A DEUX, including presentations (in progress or 'finished') during the Myth and Theatre Festival or at Studio DTM in Paris.