Laboratories     Enrique Pardo


PARIS   2022

In coordination with Linda Wise
and with the Paris and International Circles


every FRIDAY     7pm to 9pm

It includes 12 Laboratories

and 2 lectures planned February18 and March 25

in French and English



6 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 11e     M° Saint Ambroies et Richard Lenoir

On site     &     Online

The work is done simultaneously in presential at the MAIN STUDIO DTM and via ZOOM online: we have tried it out and it works!
However, we advise you to take a trial class to see if the formula suits you.

It is also possible to attend as a spectator (on site or online)

Please come on time


See interview of Enrique Pardo (French)

filmed and edited by Didier Monge



The Laboratories are a professional context and participants are chosen on application and selection.

BUT the selection process is both open to all AND professional : what counts above all is open-mindedness and willingness to risk. It is much more a question of personality, quality of listening and expressive risk than of technical know-how - musical, actoral or dance, which are, of course, very welcome.

To apply please contact Enrique, and, if you have not worked with him, include a brief motivation note and CV.
Or arrange for a phone talk with him.


The notion of LABORATORY comes from far, and in particular from Alchemy: the experimentation of the links between matter and imagination. A notion renewed by Jerzy Grotowski in his famous laboratory theater. We are in this lineage - updated by the archetypal thinking of James Hillman.

See a 'classic' example of an Alchemical Laboratory, this one of the "family" type (the whole family at work)   LABORATORIO

For us it is a laboratory of CHOREGRAPHIC THEATRE: syntheses of movement, gesture, dance, on the one hand - and on the other, voice perfor-mance (inclusion of the Roy Hart work), with chorus and music.

It is with the inclusion of the WORK on TEXTS that the experimental nature of the laboratory (and its originality) reaches its strongest poetic and cultural completeness. The text as partner and not as "dictator". (See the 'catalog' TEXTS). This is the most 'advanced' work too, and it must be approached gradually...

All the practical work, laboratories, courses, master classes have a strong theoretical aspect. Alchemy stated that the Laboratory could not be fertile without the ORATORY: conferences, seminars, bibliography of CULTURAL STUDIES, especially in relation to mythology and the notion of magic. Pantheatre is developing a VIRTUAL LIBRARY on the internet.

Importance also of dialogues with contemporary thinkers and performers, including especially French philosopher Xavier Papaïs.

A framework also for TRANSMISSION (artistic and pedagogical) and research, shared with collaborators-artists: dance, clown, music, etc.

It is important to consider montage-performances on the principle of FOLIE A DEUX possibly with presentations (in progress or 'finished') during the Myth and Theatre Festival or at Studio DTM in Paris.



Note from Enrique 25/09/2021: I want to include as many participants as possible who appreciate this work and wish to participate seriously in the laboratory. It is my main creation and research context and I hope to bring together a fully engaged working group. We had it in Paris until 2020 - but COVID dissolved it. We restarted in October 2021.

This is why I'm offerin a wide range of prices, from donations to discounts and scheduled payments. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this. EMAIL

For Paris on-site participation at Studio DTM, click LINK


For Paris on-site participation at Studio DTM, click LINK

Nature of Payment Price Notes
Price per session 25€

You will be able to see the work in the studio on your screen, and you will be seen via a projection on a large screen. You will be able to do voice, text, and movement work (e.g., two people singing on site while you dance; or vice versa, and other variations.)
Check the recommended equipment, especially audio.

Discounted rate (per session) 20€ Under 26 years old, unemployed@@, French equity member, active members of Panthéâtre (collaborators and participants in-training for the Pantheatre Diploma.)
10 sessions fee 170€

This fee is per Cycle. If you wish to take more than 10 sessions in a cycle, the price re mains 17€.

Observers 10€ On inscription, Zoom entrance at 18:55 (please be on time.)



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