Myth and Theatre Festival

Workshops / Performances / Lectures / Exhibition
2015 theme:
Performance & Possession
Figures of a Contemporary Shamanism

including a Hommage to the Philosophy of the voice of Roy Hart
on the fortieth anniversary of his passing

July  1 to 12    2015
Malerargues    -  Roy Hart International Artistic Centre, Southern France
Galerie du Petit Temple   -    Lasalle, 5km from Maleérargues

The "classic" festival formula, with workshops mornings and afternoons, lectures and performances in the evenings, will this year include special events at the Galerie du Petit Temple of Elisabeth Gérony in neighbouring Lasalle, with an exhibition of paintings by Enrique Pardo.

It will host lectures by Anna Griève, Enrique Pardo and Xavier Papaïs, one of the most innovative philosophers in France in what he describes as "neoplatonic anthropology", involving a redefinition of the notion of MAGIC.


History & Archives of the Festival

Homage to James Hillman



July  1 to 12    2015


Malérargues, Southern France

Arrivals Tuesday June 30
Departures Monday July 13

Directed by Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise

Invited guests: Anna Griève, Xavier Papaïs, Daniela Molina, Pierre François Blanchard, Laura Fuentes and other lecturers and artists (to be confirmed.)

12 days with three half-days rest. 6 hours of workshops per day plus evening lectures and performances.

ATELIER  mornings 9:00 - 13:00
Linda Wise
 :  Voice Performance

Mornings , preceded by warming-up sessions.

Voice training: working all together, and divided into two or three groups for individual vocal work

In collaboration with pianist composer Pierre-François Blanchard

MASTER CLASS   afternoons 14:30 - 17:00
Enrique Pardo
  :   Choreographic Theatre

Afternoons : master classes with the intervention of different musicians.

In collaboration with the members of the Voice Performance Group: Juliette Flipo, Pierre Jeammes, Pierre-François Blanchard, Régine Coqueran, Véronique Taconet.


9:00 - 10:00
Movement classes / Warm-ups
10:00 - 13:00

Linda Wise - atelier plus voice lessons in small groups. Voice, singing and voice performance.

14h30 - 17h

Enrique Pardo - master classes
Choreographic theatre
with the inclusion of voice performance / Roy Hart work, and texts.

Performances, lectures, debates


Prix : 850€

Reductions: under-30
active members of Pantheatre
Pantheatre Chile and Pemehue

registrations to 2 projects SUMMER 2015
The Art of  Interpretation, Linda Wise,
and the BILBAO project late July

Write to PANTHEATRE; Include a brief CV and a motivation letter if this is your first time working with Pantheatre.

Confirmation - Deposit: if your application is accepted, your place will be reserved . It will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit of 200€ payable to "Pantheatre".

Refunds are possible until June 5, minus 50€ administrative costs.

Payment - See:

Housing - IMPORTANT   book at the earliest. Check PRACTICAL INFORMATION .

March 2015 ; the 20 lodging places at the Roy Hart Centre are now taken. Cancellations are likely. Check CONTACT

PANTHEATRE will send alternatives - especially the Camping La Pommeraie (20 minutes walk) very comfortable, with swimming pool, and quiet before July 14th.

Travel - Via Nîmes, Montpellier or Marseille .


and practical information on the website of the Roy Hart Centre

Arrivals Tuesday June 30. Departures Monday, July 13.



in collaboration with






Two notes as a preamble to the 2015 theme
Performance and Possession

1 - from the 2013 SPIRIT(s) Festival archive:

In 334 BC rumour had it that a statue of Orpheus in Pieria, Macedonia, was found drenched in sweat. For the soothsayer Aristander of Telmessos, the prodigy predicted that poets and singers would have to sweat heavily in order to comment and celebrate the achievements of the new-born prince: Alexander the Great.

The 20th century should now close its balance sheet - particularly regarding the results of its scientistic skepticism.

We have to bring back Orpheus for a radical review of the nature and imp-act of SPIRIT(s) - I mean the frontiers of spirituality, psyche, imagination, emotions, dreams. In other words: fiction and theatre as laboratories of thought: SPIRIT(s). Given the residual resistance, we will have to "wet the shirt"!

2 - The Paris Charlie offices were a few hundred meters from the DTM studios where Pantheatre works. My position is the following::

I am Charlie
Religions begin where humour stops.
Religions stop where culture begins.
Religions are part of one of the most brilliant inventions of mankind: mythology, ie fiction.

Enrique Pardo