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Singing  after  Roy Hart


July  20 - 30     2010




Château de Malérargues
Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
(Southern France)


Project Presentation

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exchanges around the notions of singing, voice pedagogy, performance

35  pages including dialogues with performing artists


preparations & summaries

DVD documentation

detailed summaries of lectures, performances, debates, master classes - 35 DVDs



A Workshop Symposium open to voice professionals, singers and performance artists, directors (theatre, dance, music) and generally to anyone interested in an in-depth enquiry into voice pedagogy and its practice. Participants were :

  • 'Roy Hart' voice teachers trainees receiving voice lessons (both individual, in small groups from 4 to 6, and in group lessons.) Giving supervised voice lessons to non-trainee participants. Observing and discussing supervised lessons and master classes.

  • Voice teachers and directors (registering as participants or observers.)

  • Participants who would receive individual voice lessons in small groups from the main teachers and from the trainee teachers.

Project director : Enrique Pardo
Pedagogic director : Carol Mendelsohn

Invited Teachers

Ian Magilton
Kaya Anderson
Linda Wise
Marianne Le Tron
Saule Ryan

We will miss Kozana Lucca who was going to be with us. She passed away March 30 2010. Homage to Kozana.

Lectures by

Enrique Pardo
Nick Hobbs

Performances Forum

Singing  was Roy Hart’s root metaphore, something that is crucial to an understanding of his and his time’s pedagogical philosophy. Singing applied to any act in life: its effect was one of qualitative transformation, even revolution, in human behaviour. Roy Hart’s highest values linked expression with consciousness – another way of defining “singing”. It included awareness and expression of ‘shadow’, that is, the darker, uglier and violent aspects of humanity. To train and assess a singing teacher in such terms is a complex matter well worth another round of talks and workshops.

After  –  How were Roy Hart’s ideals and his practice of singing interpreted and used after his death in 1975 ? What was the impact of his philosophy and of the sounds he released ? How does one teach in his legacy? These will be the main questions for the lectures, master classes, debates and performances – from current ‘Roy Hart’ teachers and trainees to artist or therapists who might have been directly or indirectly inspired by Roy Hart.

Roy Hart  –  1926 – 1975. Born in South Africa, Roy Hart studied theatre in London (RADA) and worked with Alfred Wolfsohn, whose work he developed leading a small group of Wolfsohn's pupils to what became the Roy Hart Theatre. A charismatic actor and exceptional vocalist, he worked with some leading avant-garde composers of the 1960s.



9 - 10
 choice of warm-up sessions
10 - 12
voice lessons in 4 groups
12 - 13
lecture, panel talk or master class
15 - 17
voice lessons in 4 groups
17 - 20
lecture, panel talk or performances
  some late lectures and performances and./ or dinners. Free day Monday

Detailed Planning (PDF)

Full Detailed Information (PDF)



This Workshop Symposium was a collaboration between the Roy Hart International Arts Centre (Malérargues), The Roy Hart Teachers Training Committee and Pantheatre and its Myth and Theatre Festival.

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