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updated 13/03/2024

Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo consider that the transmission of their own work, that of Pantheatre and that of Roy Hart, requires substantial practice, cultural studies and individual personal mentoring, so that each participant can appropriate and make the artistic and pedagogical work his or her own. Their approaches place strong emphasis on corporal and musical performance.

For these reasons, Pantheatre offers access to TWO professional titles, intertwined and with a common curriculum of courses and cultural studies but leading to two distinct titles. Note: both titles can be done simultaneously.

Both programs include workshops and presential courses (in France and other countries) as well as online courses, master classes and conferences, with different options to realize them according to the preferences and possibilities of time, finances or geography of each candidate.


The Pantheatre Diploma is primarily artistic and cultural; it is based on the practices of choreographic theater, voice performance and song interpretation.
It inherently includes the mythical and psychological ideas of James Hillman (1926 - 2011) and the vocal practice and philosophy of Roy Hart.

The Pantheatre Diploma includes the creation and presentation of performances, critical and archetypal studies, and is valid for pedagogical use of the work transmitted, adapted by each artist, .

ROY HART Certification

As part of the Pantheatre training, it is also possible to obtain the Roy Hart Voice Teacher Certification (the official title is being redefined). To apply to this process, two prerequisites are necessary :

- To be in advanced training with Pantheatre.
- To have a good knowledge of Roy Hart's voice philosophy and the various practical and theoretical contemporary developments of his teaching principles.

This certification is awarded in concertaition with and in compliance with a procedural chart established by the Roy Hart Centre (on request).

Artistic Training


The training is done in LIVE and ONLINE

  • Voice performance, singing and choreographic theater - leading to public performances and/or singing concerts (depending on each participant), as "work in progress" or as full performances (in Pantheatre's Paris and Malérargues Festivals, and other contexts).

  • Roy Hart voice practice and training is included in all these approaches.

Pantheatre training takes place in a variety of contexts:

    • Workshops, regular courses and laboratories in Paris and Malérargues (Roy Hart Center).
    • Individual or shared residential Internships, especially in Malérargues from April to August.
    • Seminars and Cultural Studies lectures and conferences.
    • Master classes and group sessions, organized to present work in progress and share different approaches.
    • The training and pedagogical use of Pantheatre's work is adapted to each artist-teacher.

The Pantheater Diploma is awarded by the two directors, Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo, in consultation with the teachers who contributed to the training.

Pedagogical Training

Roy Hart

As part of the Pantheatre training, it is possible to apply for the Roy Hart Voice Teacher Certification. To apply for this certification, one must have knowledge of the practice and philosophy of Roy Hart's voice and its various developments today.

The Roy Hart certification training consists of two steps that can be intertwined with the Pantheatre training.

  1. General training, practical and theoretical, with Pantheatre: voice, singing, voice performance, choreographic theater and cultural studies - with supervisory dialogues.

  2. Certification training with Linda Wise or Enrique Pardo as main mentors. Voice teaching practices, supervisory dialogues, and in principle a concert and/or performance project and a written essay (which can be done in conjunction with the Pantheatre Diploma).

The duration of these different stages depends fundamentally on each individual, their experience, skills and diligence. During the supervision interviews the question of the duration and specifics of the training will be discussed and defined.

The final procedure for certification as a Roy Hart Teacher is agreed upon with the applicant, Pantheatre and the Roy Hart Centre, and includes two or three other Roy Hart Centre certified teachers. (Protocol on request).

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Professional Training Program

 &  Roy Hart Centre Certification   (updated in French 01/03/2020    - English update translation soon)


The professional training directed by  Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise and their collaborators within the framework of PANTHEATRE is based on three main activities :

voice, singing and voice performance

choreographic theatre

cultural studies

The two directors have each her / his own approach based on their individual artistic experience and convictions.

Training takes place especially in Paris (October to April), with projects in Malérargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France (April to September), and in international projects.

Paris training formats:

Roy Hart (1926 - 1975), with whom both directors worked, is one of the main sources of their vocal work. Panthéâtre was created in 1981, an independent company that is part of the Roy Hart International Center.


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