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June 20 - 26    2010

The Pastoral Workshop


Théâtre Chorégraphique / Performance Vocale / Chant

Directed by Enrique Pardo with Linda Wise with Pierre François Blanchard (musician, piano accompanist), this workshop will explore the pastoral poetics of choreographic theatre, including voice, movement, music and texts.


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PANTHEATRE was created under the aegis of Great Pan, the pastoral God whose birthplace, Arcadia, remains an ecological paradise in pagan imagination. The workshop is being organized with the Italian companies that collaborate with PANTHEATRE – and will take place mainly in Italian and English.

By pastoral we refer especially to image-based performances. To put it simply one could say that today danse is pastoral and theatre epic - especially in terms of narration. What is called non-narrative theatre - including Enrique Pardo's choregraphic theatre, or Pina Bauch's dance theatre, or Romeo Castellucci's performances - could be said to be pastoral in this sense.

There is, for instance, much psychological caprice in pastoral poetics, and "caprice" comes from capra - behaving like a goat. The pastoral landscape highlights the difference between the choreographies of sheep and goats. The fantasy would be to have goats in the working studio - and we will certainly pay a visit to a local goat farm...

This workshop is part of the prelude events to the 2011 Myth and Theatre Festival on ECOLOGY

June 19 to 26    2010


Selection on CV and motivation letter
8 nights in Malérargues or in a very beautifull neighbouring guest house. Sharing of kitchens. Includes VAT.
Associative Insurance
Obligatory, valid one year.
Lunches Organized by the group itself with a large kitchen.
Applications Please send a CV with a motivation letter to PANTHEATRE. You will recieve an answer shortly after.

Registration will be confirmed on reception of a deposit of 150€ refundable before May 1st 2010, minus 50€ administrative costs.

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The Pastoral Workshop is preceeded by a six day workshop on voice work directed by Catherine Fitzmaurice and Linda Wise. June 11 to 17. Reduced fees in both workshops are offered to those wishing to register in both workshops.

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