Myth and Theatre Festival  2017


Oracular Voice - Blind Seer - Transsexual

June 17 to July 2    2017




Tiresias is a strange character: a soothsayer feared for his revelations and often felt as bringer of ill omens. It certainly was the case for Oedipus who was forced to consult him to finally learn the terrible reasons for the miasma of his destiny.

Our main reasons for choosing Tiresias for the 2017 Myth and Theatre Festival can be summed up in three main points. Others will certainly come up.

  • Oracular Voice. The importance of oracular models, and mantics in general. If "the voice is always a dream": how to interpret it? How does choreographic theater and a theater of images ‘speak’ to us? What is its voice in terms of narration and dramaturgy? What is a mytho-poetic theater?
  • Blind Seer. To be on stage is to be inside the image, inside the dream, and therefore somehow to be a "blind seer". Performance work is to cultivate the instinct of image, to understand one’s place in the image and to take position. This means to develop the poetic animal, the visionary performer.
  • Transsexual. The last conversations during the 2016 festival on Eros and Psyche often turned to gender issues and to the theatre of sexuality. Tiresias changed sex more than once in a very long life (the myth speaks of three hundred years!) He/she must be consulted!
Direction : Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise

In collaboration with

Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
La Mairie de Lasalle  /  La Galerie du Petit Temple
Club del Pescado
Univ. of Central Lancashire UK - School of Flim, Media & Performance. Dr. Amy Rome

Membres of the Paris Choreographic Theatre Laboratory
Le Club del Pescado


Tiresias / Athena / Athens  #1

Lecture by Enrique Pardo

Monday 19 June  at 18:30

In French and English

"What does seeing Athena nude mean?" Nicole Loraux (1943 - 2003) asks this question in one of the articles in her collection The Experience of Tiresias. There are several versions of how Tiresias became blind, and then became clairvoyant; we will speak about them. Nicole Loraux especially raises questions about the goddess Athena and thus about Athens - for example the place of women in democracy - taking a version of the myth that is not the most known. Her question is one that comes closest to the mythological and archetypal thought of James Hillman (1926 - 2011). He was founding president of the Myth et Theatre Festival and the main source of reflection and inspiration in my work. EP.
First  of two conferences (Monday June 19 and Monday 26)


“There came a time when staying enclosed in a bud was more painful than the risk of blossoming” Anais Nin

Performance by Hélène Larrodé

Tuesday 20 June at 21:00

At this stage the title speaks more of the process than of the content , but since that is where I am, why not repeat the phrase of Anais Nin : “There came a time when staying enclosed in a bud was more painful than the risk of blossoming” HL

Hélène Larrodé is a dance performer, she participates and teaches in the Pantheatre Laboratories in Paris.



Melusine #1

Lecture by Anna Griève

Wednesday 21 June at 18:30
In French (with essential translation)

2nd conference: 28 June. See below.


Her book The Three Crows - Towards a Science of Evil in Fairy Tales (Editions Imago, 2010), and the dialogues with Anna Griève that followed have become an integral part of Pantheatre. "There is an “ethical” accuracy in the writing of Anna Griève that I I find extraordinary - and extremely rare. For an artist, this is crucial, especially for those who want (demand) the art that is “radical”. Enrique Pardo.

Melusine: In the forest, near a spring, a man meets a woman of amazing beauty, who willingly accepts to marry him, if he agrees never to seek to know where she goes and what she does on Saturday. If he transgresses this interdict, she will disappear. He promises…


Midnight Manifesto

Sean Lewis

Thursday 22 June , 10:30 – 13:00

In English


Midnight Manifesto - From Brooklyn, Cowboy Stein to American Fly

(1/3 a reading of the manifesto, 1/3 a performance demonstration, 1/3 an open dialogue with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise - a dialogue about the creations of Lilac Co in recent years, the nature of the work and what direction it takes AT present.
Sean Lewis, author, actor, director of LILAC Co. Brooklyn - one of the closest artists friends of Pantheatre. Enrique has said that Sean's work is the best in Brooklyn, i.e. in New York, i.e. (hmmm…) in the US.

Tiresias, Oedipus :
Two blind seers ...

Lecture by Claude Leroy

Saturday 24 June at 18:30

In French (with essential translation)


Hellenist, specializing in the evolution of mythical narratives. Author and specialist in strategic games. And a neighbor of ours in Lasalle! He will give us his point of view on Tiresias, and especially on the fate of Oedipus, who also became a blind seer.

Claude Leroy is now working on a book on the crossed functions of dream, myth and enigma. The myth as the matrix of fiction. He has published a collection of prose poems entitled Questions that Worry Cats. His aim: "writing at the level of myth". We are neighbors in more than one count!

Odor di Femina - A return of the sacred and the visible

Performance by Paola Daniele

Monday June 26 at 18:30


Paola Daniele, an Italian-Parisian performance artist,  member of the Pantheatre Laboratory in Paris, presented a ritual performance during the 2016 Festival on women's blood ...
See the article” The Art of blood taboo” on her exhibition Hic is sanguis meus, 2014.
"Magical power has its origin in blood": fluids represent the place where they rise, but also the time of dichotomy.  Water is the unconscious, the initiatory source, the place where the trans-formation occurs and where the truth can manifest itself. " Laura Levi-Makarius
Paula is preparing a performance this summer in Naples (born in Calabria, she is also Neapolitan), in the underground of the ruins, with a snake, and in relation to the liquefaction of the blood of Saint Genaro.


Tiresias / Athena / Athens #2

Lecture by Enrique Pardo

Monday 26 June at  19:00

In French and English


Female, Male Transfers. An extreme case: the Galli of Late Antiquity: priests of the Goddess Cybele who emasculated themselves in ecstatic - and bloody rituals. The relativity of genres is a highly contemporary topic, as was and still is the feminization of men. Artistically: Does it matter? How? Andaccording to what criteria? I will discuss the positions of Antonin Artaud (his Heliogabalus), Carl Jung and James Hillman (their respective take on the notion of anima), Roy Hart (the 1960s and 70s), Paul B. Preciado, and a remarkable figure: Rachel PollackEP.

The Black Box

Performance by Daniela Molina
with Pierre-François Blanchard

Tuesday 27 June 21 :00


As opposed to the sinister connotations of today’s black boxes, in this case the oracle is astonishing, even prodigious. What is more: happy and intimate. After two performances on her memories of Chile, Daniela Molina opened Pandora’s box, where harrowed lost souls wandered with a strange preference for the Versailles gardens (L'Autri-chienne, 2013) or the desert of Atacama (Animitas, 2015). In it she discovers and reinvents family secrets: fiction and reality are intertwined in The Black Box – and one word emerges (an oracle): M-Other.


Melusine #2

Lecture by Anna Griève

Wednesday 28 June 18:30

In French (with essential translation)

Part 2. The wedding takes place and is a very happy one. The couple is blessed with love, children, riches and honors. But one day the man transgresses, and discovers, horrified, his wife bathing naked in the form of a woman-serpent. He has broken his word, she disappears, and he falls into disaster. What can we make of this tragic story? What experience does it resemble and correspond to? How to understand the interdict? What is its purpose?


Artica y Las Magneticas

Concert Rock

Samedi 1er juillet à 21h

A la Filature du Pont de Fer
à Lasalle (5km de Malérargues)

I first met Pamela Carreño in Chile: she is a Latinist and wrote her thesis on the Sybil of Cuma - whose oracular voice haunts contemporary music, and to whom we dedicated a festival on the myths of voice: Sybils and Sirens, in 2007. With her sister Fernanda, she is a chorus singer of Artica y Las Magnéticas, a rock band. I saw them in a small cafe in Santiago in 2015. Last January I saw again at the prestigious GAM. Big success. This is sophisticated, Brechtian and Gothic rock – reminding me of the iconoclastic geniuses of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. They received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Chile for a tour of Europe. E.P.

Price : 15 €.   Reduction under-25 / unemployed / Festival participants : 10 €

Teachers / Lecturers / Guest Artist



Enrique Pardo Director, focusing this year on theatre and divination, a take that ranges from pre-socratic shamanism to neoplatonism to contemporary re-assesments of ecology and of magic (including Cubism - as in Cuba).
Linda Wise Artistic co-director, actress, voice and singing teacher, very drawn to Brasil for its music and singers... "mainly because of Africa" (she was born in Kenya).
Paris Laboratory Enrique's 2016/2017 Paris Laboratory included two strong references: the role of the Background Vocalists (voices that know better), and texts by Giulia Sissa from her book on Jealousy.
Anna Griève Writer, has lectured with Pantheatre on fairy tales, and performed in The Twelve Brothers by the Bothers Grimm. This year she will present and analyse the story of Melusine.
Amy Rome Professor at Central Lancashire University, singer, PhD and Pantheatre collaborator, with a background spanning from rock and Atlantic City to Heidegger and phenomenology.
Claude Leroy Specialist in Greek mythology and an authority in composing abstract games. Also a neighbour from Lasalle. He will share with us reflections on Tiresias - for instance on Oedipus' understanding - i.e. becoming also a blind seer.
Randy Fertel New Orleans writer and essayist, author of A taste for Chaos : The Art of Literary Improvisation. Lectured on Hermes at the 2016 festival. Since, Trump was elected: Dark Hermes.
Pierre-François Blanchard Pianist, composer, performer. Travelling musician with Raphaël Humbert, and fortunate to have been the accompanist of the great, and recently departed, Pierre Barouh.
Daniela Molina Actress, movement and voice teacher, Parisian from Chile. She will present a sybillic recomposition of her two performances with Pantheatre - and an awesome oracle : The Black Box.
Michaëlla Gallozzi Actress and clown teacher - working on a performance including Count Dracula and his pagan library. Member of the Paris Laboratory.
Didier Monge Musician, composer, sound-engineer and producer - and webmaster. Assistant musical director of the Paris Laboratory.
Joëlle Thisse Characterial actress and characterial clown: both show up in her work-in-progress with a text on jealousy by Giulia Sissa. Member of the Paris Laboratory.
Pauline Nozière Feisty Northern France actress , member of the Paris Laboratory. Big smiles when she said : "Here is the passion and pleasure I looked for in theatre schools!"
Nahuel Buenos Aires suburban militant writer and musician, god-sibling (god-sib = gossip) of the late Livia Kaufman. Assistant musical director of the Paris Laboratory.
Hélène Larrodé Performer, dancer, singer - accute and original (worked with Anna Halprin after all).  Member of the Paris Laboratory.
Pamela Carreño Background vocalist and founding member of Artica y las Magneticas - and classicist with a thesis on The Sybill of Cuma - the greatest Roman oracle, next to Naples.

Artica y las Magnetica

Chile rock group, includes vocalists Pamela and sister Fernanda Carreño. Their Santiago concert reminded Enrique of one of one of his unruly genius big brothers: Frank Zappa. TBC depending on grants.
Kate Yust Al-Shamma Actress-dancer-singer - has taught, acted and directed in several USA universities, now in California - wrote her PhD including her work with Pantheatre.
Gaëtan Emeraud Brittany actor and director, coordinator of Club del Pescado, Pantheatre-linked research and performance 'club' - presented a supeb piece on (Picasso's) Dora Maar.
Véronique Taconet Performer, vocalist, was part of Pantheatre's Alchemical Theatre project (early 1990s) making a comeback now that her son is a star student at the Geneva dance school.
Pierre Jeammes Freelance singer and performer after a career between physical and cultural education. Working on Jacques Brel. Member of the Paris Laboratory.
Antoine Innocente Won everyone's sympathy last year with his wild and anarchic warm-hearted clown priorities in and out of the studio. He returns from a long trip to Argentina with companion Carina. [Had to cancell. Hopefully in 2018.]
Sean Lewis Playwright, actor, director of LILAC Co. Brooklyn - one of Pantheatre's closest artist-friends. Enrique said Sean's work was the best in Brooklyn, ie New York, ie (hmm) the USA. Presented at the 2017 PanNYC project AMERICAN FLY.
Klaus Fiescher Long time member of Pantheatre's summer Oracular Orchestra (Music that knows better) - including awesome Bremen-Burma-Vodou base clarinette!


A Workshop-Festival

15 days with 5 half-days rest. 7 hours workshops per day, plus evening lectures and performances.
Possibility of partial participation



arrivals Saturday June 17,  departures Monday July 3 morning

first appointment for work Sunday June 18 at 9:30 am

Closing time Sunday July 2 at 5:30 pm

9:30 - 10:15
Cours de mouvement : Véronique Taconet, Daniela Molina et autres professeurs invités.
10:30 - 13:00
Enrique Pardo - laboratory sessions
14h30 - 17:30
Linda Wise - master classes and small group coaching
lectures, debates, performances

Enrique Pardo   :   Choreographic Theatre

Mornings : laboratory sessions with the contribution of different teachers and invited musicians.

Linda Wise   :   Voice Performance

Afteroons : Voice work in two periods : work all together, division in two or three groups with different teachers for individual work.

Working TEXTS

  1. Participants are asked to chose and bring a text of minimum 200 words learnt by heart.
  2. The work starts with the fantasies and realities of this choice - the text you chose is in many ways your working artistic contract, the challenge you give yourself and bring to the work.
  3. The choice of text is free: it does not have to be a theatre text. Best in English or French for general comprehension (but also Spanish and Italian.) Avoid texts that are too poetically condensed or linguistically complex. We encourage contemporary texts.
  4. Finally: The better one knows one's text 'by heart', the freer one is... to free the text, to let it play.

Check for advice.

Advice on using the workshop sessions towards performance devising:

  • most important: make a carefull choice of a working text. See opposite column.
  • make sure you VIDEO all your working (and feedback) moments. Think of it as archive homework. Even do some study during the festival (time will be short.) Technically: film with iPhones, iPads, mobiles, or bring your camera. Pantheatre's camera will be available: SonyHiD handycam, with tripod. Advice: bring your own memory card. Best if you can download it on your computer to see it on proper screen.
  • bring any elements you might want to try: costume especially, musical instruments, scenographic objects, make-up, etc. Animals welcome (consult us).

Special Outing to Montpellier Dance Festival   Thursday 29 of June

Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Bacantes – Prelúdio para uma Purga

"Maybe my favorite dancer-performance artist at the moment." Enrique   --   check BLOG article N'importe quoi!   or  program notes

Pantheatre has reserved 30 places. 15 expensive ones (orchestra, front, 28€), and 15 cheaper ones (balcony side 15€). Add the afternoon / evening bus drive to Montpellier = price 20€ depending on bus and numbers.

Book your place with Joëlle and Pauline in charge - you can pay us on arrival. If all our places are booked you can buy at same reduced rate directly by saying it is part of Enrique Pardo / Pantheatre group. Check Festival Montpellier Danse (Bus is big = 50 places)


Registration to this festival event is done directly with PANTHEATRE (and not through the Roy Hart Centre's site format.)
NOTE : the festival is FULL. Write to us if you feel we should make an exception for you & tell us why!


     800€ professional workshops students
     650€ activ members and under-26

Partial participation. Consult us.

Registration : Email to PANTHEATRE. Include a brief CV and a letter of motivation if you have not worked with Pantheatre.

Confirmation - Deposit : if your request is accepted, your place will be reserved. It will be confirmed on reception of a deposit of 200€ to “Pantheatre".

Deposits can be returned up to May 15 2017 with a 50€ administration costs deduction..

Payment - see:

Lodging - The Roy Hart Centre has lodging for 20 persons. FULL

Contact-us for other possibilities, including shared rentals. Or shared travel.

Check the Camping Filament (20 minutes walk). Note: the camping used to called La Pommeraie and has just been bought (big local opposition) by a franchise chain. The website image is dreadfull. We checked at it is fine, especially bunaglows in calm green areas, and very convenient, with a swimming pool - and is not at all full before July 15 full season.

If you check AirBnB or similar, ask for : Thoiras area, or nearby Lasalle - post codes 30140 30460.

Travel - Via Nîmes, Montpellier or Marseille OR Barcelona, 3h30 to Nîmes!

Best access is from Nimes station : bus to Thoiras Gare (where we will come fetch you, 10 minutes by car). Arrivals on Saturday June 17 :
buses : 08h45 arrival 09h58 or 17h30 arrival 18h53

CONFIRM your arrival with Pauline : EMAIL

Monday July 3, buses to Nîmes on : 07:30, 08:33, 13:13, 16:18, 18h19 (arrival in Nimes 90 minutes later)


and information on the Roy Hart Centre site